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Woman who divorced her husband to marry her step-son announces she's pregnant

Woman who divorced her husband to marry her step-son announces she's pregnant

It's like a soap opera in this house!

A woman who left her husband to pursue a relationship with her step-son has now revealed that they are expecting another baby together.

Russian weight loss influencer Marina Balmasheva, 37, had been married to Alexey Shavyrin, 45, before she began an affair with his son Vladimir 'Vova' Shavyrin, 23.

The couple split when Marina fell pregnant with Vova's baby, and the pair are now parents to 20-month-old Olga.

And Marina has since announced to her 619,000 Instagram followers that she's expecting her second child with Vova.

Sharing a photo with Vova, Olga, and a positive pregnancy test she wrote: "We accept your hearts and sincere congratulations."

In a separate post, featuring a video of the ultrasound, Marina revealed that the date of conception was the same day as their wedding.

Marina, who has been quite sincere and open about her unusual relationship, has been documenting her new family on social media as it grows.

But, while she and Vova are excited about the new life they're starting together, her ex-husband - Vova's father - isn't exactly thrilled about it.

When he's not raising the five children that he and Marina had adopted together, Alexey has no trouble speaking publicly about their fractured marriage.

Alexey has told press that Marina 'seduced' his son, according to The Mirror.

He claimed that Vova 'had not had a girlfriend before her', adding that his son and wife 'were not shy to have sex while I was at home'.

"I would have forgiven her cheating, if it wasn't my son... She was running to my son's bed from our bedroom when I was sleeping.

"After that she was coming back and lying in bed with me as if nothing had happened."

However, Marina appears unfazed by it all, and is more focused on her new family and her blossoming social media career.

Not too long ago, the influencer revealed that her online earnings are so impressive that she's now supporting her former stepson financially.

Marina did make sure, though, to get her new husband to sign a prenup before they made things official, so that she can keep all of her earnings and assets should they ever divorce.

The mum has spoken openly to followers about her first marriage, admitting that, at the time, she was "not living but pretending."

In a candid Instagram post, she wrote: "Did I have regrets that I destroyed the family? Both yes and no. I was ashamed that I killed the stability of 'mum and dad'.

"Did I want to return to my ex? No. Do I feel anger and hatred towards him? Not any longer. He is a good person and a wonderful father to our children."

She continued: "I am married. I moved to a bigger city. I love and I am loved."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@marina_balmasheva

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