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Where founder of 7M and ‘cult-leader’ Robert Shinn is now following release of explosive Netflix documentary

Where founder of 7M and ‘cult-leader’ Robert Shinn is now following release of explosive Netflix documentary

Robert Shinn, who has been accused of multiple crimes, has not faced any formal criminal charges

Netflix viewers across the globe have been glued to their screens ever since the shocking true story behind the Dancing for the Devil series dropped last week (29 May).

In case you haven't yet seen it, the three-part explosive documentary tells the harrowing story of a group of high-profile TikTok dancers who became trapped in a mysterious church-going 'cult' that was masquerading as the management company run by Robert Shinn, 7M Films.

And, after racing through the true-crime doc, Netflix users are now eager to find out where the 7M Films founder and 'cult leader' is now.

Check out the official Dancing for the Devil trailer here:

The series focuses in particular on social media sensation sisters, Melanie and Miranda Wilking, who shot to fame back in 2019 for creating catchy dance clips on the video-sharing app.

The pair later signed up to the management company, which was run by Shinn - a self-proclaimed 'man of God' who also preached at a private, invite-only church called Shekinah.

Miranda's family have since claimed she is being held captive by the religious 'cult' and are now 'desperately trying to get their daughter out'.

Miranda, however, denies such claims and producers say that Miranda and her new husband, James, do continue making content with 7M.

By the looks of things, it seems like the TV programme has certainly hit home with hundreds of viewers, many of whom claim to have been left 'shook' by the plot line and are hoping to get closer to the truth of this eerie story.

So, without further ado, let's get into it.

Dancing for the Devil dropped on Netflix last week (29 May). (Netflix)
Dancing for the Devil dropped on Netflix last week (29 May). (Netflix)

Who is Robert Shinn?

Shinn is both the founder of 7M Films, a talent management company, representing 'some of the top social media influencers in the world' formed in 2021 and the pastor of Shekinah Church, founded back in 1994.

In a statement issued back in 2022, 7M Films said: "You do not have to be a member of the Shekinah Church to be represented by 7M, nor do you have to be represented by 7M to be a member of the Shekinah Church.

"Any claims to the contrary are simply wrong."

What is he accused of doing?

Along with the Wilking family's claims, three other dancers have since sued Shinn of taking advantage of his followers.

Former members of the group have also accused him of sexual, emotional, and financial coercion.

The series ends by explaining that Shinn - who declined to appear in the documentary - had denied all allegations made against him and has not faced any formal criminal charges.

Instead, he has filed defamation and libel lawsuits against ex-members, three of whom joined a cross-complaint, accusing 'Shinn, his wife, their entities and other affiliated individuals' of 'fraud, forced labor and human trafficking, as well as Robert of sexual battery'.

Viewers were left 'shook' by the harrowing true-crime story. (Netflix)
Viewers were left 'shook' by the harrowing true-crime story. (Netflix)

Where is he now?

Not much is known about what Shinn has done following the avalanche of allegations which surfaced against him.

But, he did reportedly speak out back in 2022 when Miranda's family went public with their accusations.

A spokesperson for 7M and Shinn previously issued a statement to MailOnline.

It read: "The false and sensational allegations about 7M stem directly from a dispute between 7M-represented dancer Miranda Derrick and her estranged family.

"Despite her family’s claims, Miranda is a successful businesswoman and a loving wife and daughter who cares very much about her family.

"It is pathetic and contemptible to try to turn her private family matters into a tawdry public scandal for clicks and clout."

They added: "While the recent portrayals of Dr. Robert Shinn and 7M Films have been wildly offensive and riddled with inaccuracies, those false claims will not deter 7M from supporting Miranda in whichever endeavours she chooses to pursue next."

What has he said about the Netflix documentary?

Now, much to many true-crime fans' disappointment, Netflix has confirmed that Shinn and Shekinah did not respond to requests for comment.

"No criminal charges have been brought against Shinn," the series concludes. "He has previously denied sexually abusing any member of Shekinah or any client of 7M.

"The civil lawsuit is ongoing. Robert and his co-defendants deny the claims against them. The case is set to go to trial in 2025."

Hannah Shinn, Robert's wife, has also since shared a statement with Tyla.

It reads: "The Netflix docuseries is a slanderous work of fiction, born from a failed extortion attempt, and invented for the sole purpose of gaining fame and fortune.

"Two years ago, Melanie Lee Goldman, Priscylla Leigh aka Elisha Priscylla Leigh and their co-conspirators launched a concerted smear campaign to defame Robert Shinn, his family, and his business associates after Mr. Shinn did not capitulate to Ms. Leigh’s extortion demands.

"Despite sworn statements from co-conspirators that confirm the scheme by Ms. Goldman and Ms. Leigh to disseminate widespread lies, Netflix recklessly provided a global platform to peddle a false narrative that is at the center of ongoing litigation.

"We will continue to pursue all legal remedies available to stop the spread of salacious lies and expect to be fully vindicated in court."

Dancing for the Devil is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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