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The sinister true story behind Netflix's new show Dancing For The Devil

The sinister true story behind Netflix's new show Dancing For The Devil

The true-crime series has blown viewers' minds

If you're an avid Netflix viewer, the chances are that you've already stumbled across brand new true crime series Dancing For The Devil.

Despite having only landed on the streaming service earlier this week, the chilling three-parter has been splashed across the website's main banner ever since, after sky-rocketing to the No. 1 spot within a matter of hours.

For those unfamiliar, the documentary tells the story of a group of high-profile TikTok dancers who became trapped in a mysterious church-going cult that was masquerading as a management company called 7M Films.

And by the looks of things, the show has certainly hit home with hundreds of viewers, many of whom claim to have been left 'shook' by the plot line.

"Watching this Dancing with the Devil: TikTok cult documentary and I can’t believe that actual adults are falling for that trap. All this craziness for money? Status? Fame? This is NUTS!" one fan penned on social media.

Another went on: "Bloody ell, dancing for the devil on the netflix is dead good! And also bonkers."

While a third confessed: "Dancing for the devil on Netflix has me shook..."

Someone else commented: "Dancing for the Devil on Netflix is CRAZY!!!"

Naturally, however, as many true crime followers do after stumbling upon a tale that chills their blood, a hoard of Netflix viewers have since been researching the plot in greater detail, hoping to get closer to the truth of this heinous story.

The series tells the tale of a sinister TikTok cult. (Netflix)
The series tells the tale of a sinister TikTok cult. (Netflix)

If you haven't yet had a chance to sink your teeth into this new hit, allow us to fill you in.

In particular, the series hones in on social media sensation sisters Melanie and Miranda Wilking, who shot to fame back in 2019 for creating catchy dance clips on the video-sharing app.

Despite their online success, the sisters made a grave decision in the months that followed, after signing with Los Angeles-based 7M Films management, which was being run by controversial owner Robert Shinn.

As well as Robert himself being a pastor at the Shekinah Church, the firm as a whole was linked closely to a community of individuals masquerading as churchgoers.

While Melanie thought it wise to keep herself distanced from the group, Miranda started spending more time with the group's mysterious members which, in turn, saw her cut-off contact with her own family.

This formed part of the cult's bizarre concept of 'dying'. Another ex-dancer tells viewers of the show: "Dying to yourself means that whatever you want or whatever you need, you have to ‘die to it,’ because whenever you die to something, it’ll come back to life and resurrect."

The series has left viewers shook. (Netflix)
The series has left viewers shook. (Netflix)

Another adds that they were taught to "die to your family in order to save them".

Soon enough, however, cracks in this idyllic life began to show, exposing those who exploited the lives of countless youngsters.

Former members of the group have since accused him of sexual, emotional, and financial abuse.

The series ends by explaining that Shinn - who declined to appear in the documentary - had denied all allegations made against him and has not faced any formal criminal charges.

Instead, he has filed defamation and libel lawsuits against ex-members, three of whom joined a cross-complaint, accusing 'Shinn, his wife, their entities and other affiliated individuals' of 'fraud, forced labor and human trafficking, as well as Robert of sexual battery'.

The case is still ongoing.

Sadly, however, producers say that Miranda and her new husband do continue making content with 7M.

Hannah Shinn, Robert's wife, has also since shared a statement with Tyla.

It reads: "The Netflix docuseries is a slanderous work of fiction, born from a failed extortion attempt, and invented for the sole purpose of gaining fame and fortune.

"Two years ago, Melanie Lee Goldman, Priscylla Leigh aka Elisha Priscylla Leigh and their co-conspirators launched a concerted smear campaign to defame Robert Shinn, his family, and his business associates after Mr. Shinn did not capitulate to Ms. Leigh’s extortion demands.

"Despite sworn statements from co-conspirators that confirm the scheme by Ms. Goldman and Ms. Leigh to disseminate widespread lies, Netflix recklessly provided a global platform to peddle a false narrative that is at the center of ongoing litigation.

"We will continue to pursue all legal remedies available to stop the spread of salacious lies and expect to be fully vindicated in court."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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