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Netflix viewers completely hooked on crime series and can't stop rewatching it

Netflix viewers completely hooked on crime series and can't stop rewatching it

Queen of the South is still a fan favourite nearly a decade on from its initial release, with viewers hailing it as 'one of the best series'

While Netflix brings out dozens of series a year, there's a 2016 show that everyone's still talking about - so you know it must be good.

From Sex Education and Bridgerton, to Heartstopper and Top Boy - the streaming platform offers so many new and exciting shows all the time.

Despite this, there's one seven-year-old series that's still on people's minds, so much so that some Netflix customers have rewatched it several times.

And that series is Queen of the South.

The show is about Teresa Mendoza who ends up embroiled in the drug dealing world after her boyfriend, a dealer himself, was murdered in Mexico.

She's then forced to seek refuge in America and finds herself settling in Dallas, Texas.

In a bid to revenge her boyfriend's death, Teresa then sets out to be the country's biggest drug smuggler so she can bring down the leader of the drug trafficking ring that caused her to flee Mexico in the first place.

So far, there are five seasons of the show to watch - all of which are available to stream on Netflix.

Season one dropped in 2016, with 2021 marking the release of season five.

Sadly for fans, there won't be a sixth series of Queen of the South.

Alice Braga stars as lead character Teresa Mendoza.
USA Network

Entertainment Networks (which owns the show's original network, USA) said in a statement: "For five incredible seasons, Queen of the South has captivated us with brilliant storytelling and bold, powerful characters.

"This series broke boundaries for the genre, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this incredible team of creators, cast and crew along with our studio partners at 20th Television and UCP. As we close this final chapter, we look forward to a great season culminating in a finale that will give our fans the ending they deserve."

As fans know another season isn't coming, many have gone back and rewatched the series.

One person wrote on Facebook: "Rewatching Queen of the South. Who has watched it twice? I'm hooked again."

Someone replied: "I'm rewatching it as we speak."

Queen of the South has an explosive first season.
USA Network

Meanwhile another said they had rewatched it a whopping four times.

Another replied: "Me! Love Queen of the South. Super good and good ending, just saying. But you enjoy."

Elsewhere, a Rotten Tomatoes reviewer hailed it as 'one of the best series I have ever seen'.

Their gushing post went on: "Very powerful show. I loved it. The acting was excellent. I was so sorry when it was over. I recommend this series to everyone. Love, love, love it."

Echoing similar sentiments, another added: "The best show in the last years: action, realism, drama, trust and betrayal, love and slow has everything one needs to stay glued. Performance of main cast is superb!"

All five seasons of Queen of the South are available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: USA Network

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