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‘Insane’ Netflix true crime docuseries has viewers ‘stressed’ as season two drops

‘Insane’ Netflix true crime docuseries has viewers ‘stressed’ as season two drops

The second instalment of the Netflix true crime series is 'even crazier' than the first

The second season of a smash hit Netflix true-crime docu-series has finally dropped and people are branding it as even more insane than the first.

Living with a nightmare roommate is something a lot of us have probably experienced. Let's be honest, UK uni halls seem to be the breeding ground for these kinds of situations.

Common experiences include stealing your food from kitchen cupboards, borrowing clothes from your wardrobe without asking and making a racket at 2.00am.

People have said season two is even more crazy (Netflix)
People have said season two is even more crazy (Netflix)

But this documentary details nightmarish cases that go way beyond some petty cheese stealing or excessive house parties.

For those who missed the first instalment of the chilling show - titled Worst Roomate Ever - in 2022, the Netflix docu-series delves into the shocking real-life stories of people who have shared a living space with con artists, killers and criminals with bad intentions.

And it's just dropped its second season this week.

The new season features four nightmarish true crime stories, and just to give you an idea of the territory we’re talking about here, episode one of the docu-series follows the story of a woman who uses the dark web to gain custody of her roommate’s child.

Yes - that dark.

So it really is the stuff nightmares are based on. It's safe to say I will be living alone from now on...

Despite the severity of each situation, season two of the docu-series actually is focused on the real crimes committed by Janie Ridd, Michael Dudley, Scott Pettigrew, and Tammy Fritz.

And it’s safe to say that people on X cannot get enough of the true crime series, even if it has put them off having a roomie for life.

"The best ongoing true crime docuseries.” (Netflix)
"The best ongoing true crime docuseries.” (Netflix)

One said: “The new season of Worst Roommate Ever is INSANE.”

A second chimed in: “Netflix's worst roommate ever just dropped its season two, and now I'm just here thinking thank God I am so mistrustful.”

While third wrote: “Worst Roommate Ever is in my opinion currently the best ongoing true crime docuseries," with a fourth adding: “Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix had me stressed last night.

“Those stories were terrible."

One viewer thought that the drama couldn’t get any worse than the first series - but it turns out they were wrong.

Worst Roommate Ever season two is available to stream on Netflix now... if you dare.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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