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Why there won’t be a season 2 of hit Netflix thriller Fool Me Once

Why there won’t be a season 2 of hit Netflix thriller Fool Me Once

Fans have wondered whether Michelle Keegan and Joanna Lumley will feature in a spin-off of the psychological thriller

It's not even been a week since Netflix dropped their brand new suspense thriller Fool Me Once that set tongues all over the UK wagging.

The series - based on Harlen Coben's book of the same name - dropped on the streaming platform on New Year's Day and has remained at the top of the most-watched board ever since.

As well as former Coronation Street bombshell Keegan, the spine-tingling thriller also features other big names as Murder Mystery actor Adeel Akhtar - who plays Detective Sergeant Sami Kierce - and Absolutely Fabulous icon Joanna Lumley.

Lumley leads the nerve-shattering series who leads alongside Keegan as mother-in-law Judith Burkett.

Keegan stars as grief-stricken widow Maya Stern, who is dealing with the death of her beloved husband, Joe (The Hobbit's Richard Armitage).

Maya tries to navigate Joe's tragic passing and piece together exactly how and why he died - but her world is turned upside-down when she notices him on their daughter Lily's baby cam just days after the funeral.

Fool Me Once is based on Harlan Coben's thriller of the same name.

As a result, Maya is left wondering whether her husband had actually died at all.

The show is full of epic twists and turns and has a pretty gobsmacking ending, so it's no wonder fans have been glued to it.

Keegan has also been getting much of the praise, with viewers calling her performance 'top tier'.

One person wrote: "This show was SO good Michelle Keegan is amazing."

Meanwhile, someone else commented: "Binge watched whole series obsessed! Michelle is just stunning and such a good actress!"

And another said: "By far the best series I've watched in ages. Michelle Keegan's acting is top notch as per."

The series stars Michelle Keegan.

As well as heaping praise onto the A-list stars of this psychological thriller, thousands of viewers have since been wondering whether they can expect a second series in the future.

If you've seen this eight-hour-long series, however, you'll already know that unfortunately, a follow-up season can't possibly be on the cards as all loose ends were tied up.

If you're yet to binge your way through Fool Me Once, I'd scroll away now, as there are some *major spoilers ahead*.

That's because it turns out that Maya was never in any doubt that her husband was dead because, to viewers' total shock, we learn that she'd actually committed the murder herself.

Viewers have been binge-watching the show.

Maya's sister Claire had been killed in an alleged prior burglary prior to Joe's death, but in the final ep, we discover that Maya actually suspected Joe was to blame.

Maya wanted to confront Joe, but switched the gun with a defunct one, to see if he would try to pull the trigger on her as well.

To her horror, when Maya confronted Joe, he reached for the gun. As a backup, Maya had brought the working gun with her just in case, and shot him in the chest.

It turns out, Joe had discovered that Claire had uncovered several of his family's most sinister secrets.

Some believed Shane was involved in the family cover up.

Piecing together everything that had happened, at the end of the series, Maya heads to the Burkett home to confront the family, only to be shot by Joe's brother.

BUT, in another twist of fate, Maya had been live streaming the entire altercation.

And though you might think that there is surely some wiggle room for make a spin-off, the end of the series skips forward to the future, in which Maya and Joe's adult daughter Lily has a child of her own and names her after her mother.

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