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Love is Blind fans are all saying the same thing about Chelsea's behaviour as she responds to backlash

Love is Blind fans are all saying the same thing about Chelsea's behaviour as she responds to backlash

Love is Blind fans all have an issue with Chelsea Blackwell's crying

Love is Blind is on everyone’s lips and it’s not down to sparks flying between couples.

Season 6 has given us some golden moments, from Clay’s seriously loud soup slurping to Laura’s obvious disdain for Jeramey... long story short, it’s all hitting the fan.

However, flight attendant Chelsea Blackwell has been getting the most flack of all after her tears over Jimmy left fans done with her.

The 31-year-old star has already spoken out about online jokes made about her comparison to Megan Fox, but now it’s all to do with the constant stream of water works.

Some of the comments ranged from telling Chelsea to shut up, to admitting how tired they’ve become of her.

One person wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “Chelsea on Love is blind is exhausting to watch. Like stfu crying”.

Another echoed: “Chelsea from love is blind has not stopped crying this whole show i am so tired of her”.

Jimmy and Chelsea have had a tumultuous relationship on the show.

A newcomer to the show stated: “Finally watching love is blind and why is Chelsea always crying like girl get it together”.

Someone else asked: “Are we going to end each every episode of Love is Blind with Chelsea crying?”

One viewer branded the flight attendant, ‘insufferable’: “Watching these new episodes of love is blind, & chelsea complains sooooooo much, like it’s insufferable.

"And then jimmy tells her she’s being a little clingy & she starts crying. Like my goodness, she is something else…”

But Chelsea has hit back at the criticism in a TikTok posted to her account, saying that viewers have been ‘dragging me through the trenches’.

Chelsea explained: "That is something I have struggled with in the past. It has been an issue that I really have had to do a lot of work to overcome.

"Of course my insecurities are going to be heightened. I just don't understand why nobody's understanding.”

But the star also wanted to let everyone know that the show was filmed over a year ago, and that ‘a lot can change in a year.’

She added: "I still think that everyone struggles with a little bit of insecurity.”

But if you thought she didn’t see your posts about her crying, you’re mistaken.

Chelsea has since been branded as 'exhausting' by online viewers after crying so much.

Addressing the online hate, she said: "I'm an emotional person. I will never apologize for being emotional, ever. I feel emotions big.

"And I get excited and I get mad and I get sad, and I just feel it big. And I will never apologize. I love that about myself, and that's something that I'm getting a lot of hate for is when I get excited how cringy it is.

"That's me, baby. That is me. If you don't like it, then fast forward.

"Y'all, I have a therapist. OK? For the love of god! Stay tuned because I'm sure I'm going to be crying again very soon. I'm sorry, not sorry.”

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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