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JLS star Aston Merrygold breaks silence after backflip at concert goes horribly wrong

JLS star Aston Merrygold breaks silence after backflip at concert goes horribly wrong

Aston Merrygold took to TikTok to laugh at his failed backflip attempt after falling on stage

JLS have been taking the UK by storm with their ‘Everybody Say’ reunion tour, but it hasn’t gone smoothly for one member.

Over the weekend during their Utilita Arena iSheffield gig on Saturday (11 November), member Aston Merrygold took a tumble on stage as he prepared to do his signature backflip for the crowd.

Unfortunately, the backflip didn’t go as planned as Merrygold was launched backwards, and seemingly landed on his head and neck area.

However, it didn’t appear to faze him, and he soon regrouped back with other members, Marvin Humes, Ortisé Williams and JB Gill to finish off their choreo.

The ‘Beat Again’ singer went on to finish up his set but afterwards made a hilarious response video to his past self.

It was only ten days before the incident when he posted a TikTok video asking fans to ‘imagine falling in front of 10000 fans’, and after the fall, Merrygold was quick to revisit his foresight with a funny duet.

In the video, Merrygold reacts to his old clip with embarrassment and the comments were loving it.

One user poked fun at one of the band’s lyrics: “You officially joined the direct me to the floor club”.

Another joked: “Took the words ‘I can be the dance floor’ abit literal”.

Aston's wife, Sarah gave fans an update on Instagram.
Instagram/ @sarahloumerrygold

A third commenter wanted to make sure the singer was doing well: “Accidents happen sometimes it’s normal!!! You did amazing ash the fact u still continued. Incredibly talented & amazing inside/out hope your ok”.

Someone else cheered him on for bouncing back: “I think you handled it pretty smoothly though. hope you didn't hurt yourself!”

Or maybe the fall was due to his beautiful wife as one person thought: “See I just assumed you saw your Mrs in the crowd & just fell head over heels seeing her looking stunning as ever!”

Though, his wife, Sarah Merrygold took to her Instagram story to let everyone know that he was doing fine, but a little 'sore'. It's safe to say she wasn't the cause!

However the incident took place, it seems as though backflips have a knack for causing Merrygold to injure himself as in 2012, during the band’s 4th Dimension Tour, Merrygold had to be hospitalised with a concussion after landing on his head.

Speaking to The Mirror, Humes explained what happened.

Aston took it in good fun, posting TikToks about it.
TikTok/ @astonmerrygold

He said: "One of our dancers slipped a disc, one had a really bad neck injury and one a knee injury. Then Aston fell on his head which was pretty nasty.”

Merrygold went on to explain: "It's been full-on. As well as landing on my head, I busted my knee and [JB Gill] did his, too.'’

Even though he seems to have a few injuries under his belt, at least he is still laughing it off and providing eager fans with an experience to remember.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@astonmerrygold/sar.ahlouise

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