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Ellie Goulding confirms her 'face is intact' after being hit with firework

Ellie Goulding confirms her 'face is intact' after being hit with firework

The singer has reassured fans she's OK

Ellie Goulding has reassured fans her ‘face is intact’ after she appeared to be hit by a firework during a live performance.

The 36-year-old singer was hit by a pyro flame that went off at the wrong time while she performed her hit single 'Miracle' to fans at the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth on Sunday (27 August). You can see the moment here:

Footage shared online shows the singer belting out the track, when a flame shoots up and appears to hit her in the face.

Incredibly, a seemingly hard-as-nails Ellie simply hopped away and continued to sing.

Fans flocked to social media to express their concern after seeing the footage, with one person saying: “Wow, hope Ellie Goulding is OK after that unexpected incident on stage. Stay safe!”

Another asked: “Ohh is she okay?”

While a third said: “OMG! I hope she was OK, glad she managed to continue to sing though big up for Ellie Goulding.”

Someone else said: “She's so professional, I would've literally passed out…”

Ellie has since confirmed that she’s fine and said the firework didn’t hit her in the face.

In a post to her Instagram Stories, Ellie wrote: "To those asking I am OK. Pyro didn't hit me in the face. Face is intact. Love you, thank you x."

Ellie updated fans on Instagram.

In April this year, Ellie gave an insight into her personal life and how she juggles work with being a mum to son Arthur - who she shares with husband Caspar Jopling.

Speaking about the youngster on an episode of This Morning, she revealed: "He's nearly two. That's the best thing, that this album I get to see his reaction which is the greatest of all. Not when he puts his fingers in his ears to some of them.

"But mostly... he loves 'Miracle' and he loves 'How Long Will I Love You' for some reason. That one too."

When host Josie Gibson asked: “You've got your tour coming up, you're a UN ambassador. How do you do it all?”

Ellie admitted: "The juggle is real. I don't get a huge amount of sleep, but I love everything. I love being a UN ambassador.

"I'm a big environmentalist, so I love doing that and then touring is my natural habitat. I didn’t get to do it with my last album, so I’m very excited to take this one on tour.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@random15071

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