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Tom Grennan hit with backlash over ‘inappropriate’ comments about Ellie Goulding’s breasts at the Brit awards

Tom Grennan hit with backlash over ‘inappropriate’ comments about Ellie Goulding’s breasts at the Brit awards

Ellie Goulding was co-presenting for and award alongside Tom Grennan on Saturday night

Tom Grennan has faced backlash over his ‘inappropriate’ comments about Ellie Goulding’s breasts at the 2023 Brit awards on Saturday night.

Goulding, 36, dressed to impress at this year's awards show by wearing a black armoured corset featuring a pair of moulded breasts.

However, it seems that fellow hitmaker Grennan, 27, was slightly dumfounded by the outfit as the pair took to the stage at London's 02 to co-present an award. Watch below:

The 'Make 'em Like You' singer's attempt at humour clearly divided the viewers at home after his comment about Goulding's boobs: "I love what you’re doing – they’re your real boobs?"

Goulding then replied: "These are not mine, I wish, mine are a lot further apart."

Grennan attempted to salvage the awkward situation by quickly apologising before presenting the award.

Some viewers have dubbed the situation as 'inappropriate' as Grennan faced a lot of backlash online, with one person writing: "Tom Grennan needs to get in the actual bin.

Doug Peters / Alamy Stock Photo

"Men always going out of their way to humiliate and sexualise women in plain sight. F**k off."

Another added: "Imagine what kind of s**t happens off stage! I’m still in shock that actually happened."

While a third viewer thought: "Totally insulting inappropriate comments #TomGrennan #Brits2023 @SonyMusicUK [sic]."

Someone else said: "Tom Grennan thinking it was appropriate to ask Ellie Goulding if they were her real boobs, on the Brits stage, just gave me the quickest ick in a while. Like instantaneous sick in my mouth. [sic]."

Other viewers weren't so upset by the comment, as one fan tweeted: "#TomGrennan is 27 #EllieGoulding is 36. He stood on stage, in front of the world to tell her he loved what she was doing (with her outfit) while looking at her breast area and asked if they were real. Why? Where is the outrage?"

"It’s in relation to that strange top she was wearing." another person argued.

Matt Crossick / Alamy Stock Photo

Tyla has contacted Tom Grennan's representatives for comment.

Well before the awards ceremony even started, Piers Morgan took to Twitter where he decided to rip into Sam Smith's choice of outfit.

Smith - who identifies as non-binary - turned up wearing a bold, inflated latex jumpsuit and platform heels and Morgan, unsurprisingly, had something to say about it.

Smith's outfit featured an inflatable black jumpsuit with huge shoulder pads, sky-high heels and matching black gloves, pairing the outfit with pearl earrings and spiked up hair.

PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Alongside a photo of the outfit, Morgan wrote: "Methinks ‘they’ is getting a teeny weeny bit over-thirsty for attention. #BRITs."

While many others were similarly unconvinced by the bold outfit choice, fans were still quick to leap to the singer's defence.

One wrote: "Flamboyance and music is not new. Piers is acting like a 'get off my lawn' type presuming that Sam Smith is the first to do this. See 'exhibit Elton' (plus countless others)."

"Obsessed with Piers Morgan biting as if Sam Smith is wearing this to fly under the radar," another commented.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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