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Fans praise Love Island's Shaughna Phillips for 'normalising real bodies' four months after giving birth

Fans praise Love Island's Shaughna Phillips for 'normalising real bodies' four months after giving birth

Love Island star Shaughna Phillips has been on holiday with her young daughter Lucia

Love Island star Shaughna Phillips has been showered with praise after showing off her ‘real body’ just a few months after giving birth to her daughter.

Shaughna only had her baby daughter Lucia a few short months ago, but has been sharing pictures this summer showing her wearing swimsuits and enjoying a holiday.

After giving birth in April, the 29-year-old has been regularly updating her followers on her life as a mum, keeping everyone posted on her little one’s life as well as her own.

In a recent post, she shared a picture in a bright pink swimsuit, and many have piped up to praise her for not trying to present an unrealistic image.

She captioned the photo: "Sun, sea and my baby g.”

Shaughna shared the snap with her new baby Lucia.
Instagram/Shaughna Phillips

One fan chimed in: “I love how you are normalizing real bodies and you look truly beautiful.”

Another said: “Beautiful girls true inspiration keeping it real xx,”

A third commented: “A beautiful confident real happy genuine lady and mumma, what more can you ask for in life.”

She’s also shared other photos of herself wearing swimwear since being away, including one selfie that she dubbed ‘a bikini body’ in which she was wearing another brightly-coloured outfit, this time a two-piece.

Shaughna has had a bit of a backlash recently from anti-vaxxers online after she shared her anxiety about getting Lucia’s jabs.

It’s a horrific thing to have to do as a parent, and nobody really enjoys it at all.

She posted: "Second lot of injections pending. Worst part of this mum game by FAR."

However, some people were quick to have a go, suggesting that somehow the vaccines aren’t safe or that she shouldn’t be giving them to her child.

In response, Shaughna wrote: “I can't believe you went out of your day to message me this lol.

“The last time I checked you didn't give birth to my daughter so next time you have an opinion on her health, write it in your notes and save it for a rainy day.”

Shaughna has been taking Lucia for her first holiday.
Instagram/Shaughna Phillips

Then, clearly after noticing the profession of the person who had commented, she added: “Morning, just for anyone considering sending me a message about my child, please refer to the above response.

“Also not an aesthetics practitioner telling me about the dangers of vaccines.

“Do you not inject people with chemicals everyday?”


Shaughna has hit out at the ‘mum police’ in the past, including after she took Lucia out for a drive.

After sharing a picture of her and her daughter in the car, she wrote: “Before the mum police come for me, just want to assure you that passenger airbags were turned off, seatbelt was used correctly, it's legal for her to be in the front with me, she was strapped in securely, picture was taken when I was parked, and if there's anything else I've forgotten, I done that right as well lol.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Shaughna Phillips

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