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Love Island fans 'work out' why Uma quit show after Wil was savagely dumped

Love Island fans 'work out' why Uma quit show after Wil was savagely dumped

Uma Jammeh was reported to have left the show yesterday

Shockwaves are reportedly being felt around the Love Island villa today, after news broke yesterday that fan-favourite Uma Jammeh has sensationally quit the show.

Now, in a surprise update, fans believe they've pieced together what spurred her decision, as she allegedly followed dumped partner Wil Anderson out the front door.

If you haven't yet had a chance to sink your teeth into the most recent instalments of the ITV2 dating series, allow us to fill you in...

Following a rocky period for Uma and Wil - triggered by the latter's controversial lip-locking antics during Casa Amor, which were exposed during Sunday's night 'Movie Night' - the pair finally looked as though they were getting back on track earlier this week.

Sadly, however, Uma was subsequently dragged away on date with a duo of new fellas, including Reuben Collins, who sparked a particular interest in her.

Whilst some predicted the new addition ruffling some of Wil's feathers, many didn't expect that - in a shock announcement made by the MailOnline yesterday - Uma was reported to have left the villa after Reuben chooses her and Wil is dumped.

Speaking of her reasoning, a source told the publication: "She knew at this last stage in the competition that she wasn't going to develop feelings for anyone else and she couldn't see Wil leave on his own."

Uma is understood to have quit the show. (ITV)
Uma is understood to have quit the show. (ITV)

News of Uma's departure left fans utterly reeling, with one later hitting out on social media: "She will be missed. I hope she does find her person one day. She deserves the world."

Another said: "I can’t believe THIS is who Uma quit for I will never forgive him for taking her away from us."

While a third added: "There’s just no way WTFFF hope it’s fake news man."

Others, however, have since developed a theory about why exactly Uma made the decision to depart the Spanish villa early, after noticing a hint which aired during last night's episode.

During his apology on the day beds, Wil interestingly promised Uma: "Now I know what I want fully, I want to be walking out of here with you and I'll do what it takes. I would leave now if you were to leave, I wouldn't be hanging around.

"I've found what I want in you."

Uma was then heard replying: "You know what I came here for and you know what I wanted before I left. It wasn't me that left things open."

Wil previously promised Uma he'd leave with her if she was dumped. (ITV)
Wil previously promised Uma he'd leave with her if she was dumped. (ITV)

Will then replied: "You want to close things off with me? Is that what you're saying?" before Uma added: "Yeah, you've got to make me feel like I want to first but that's ultimately what I want."

One viewer has since hit out on the realisation: "Uma is a MUG because could never be me god forbid I allow a man to chat to me the way Wil did. The slap I would have GAVE HIM. Urgh RUBBISH."

Another penned: "Wil might be the scariest man get away from both her and my screen!"

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