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Love Island winner Tom Clare slams Georgia Steel as he shuts down claims they had ‘history’

Love Island winner Tom Clare slams Georgia Steel as he shuts down claims they had ‘history’

Love Island star Tom set the record straight on the claims

Love Island's Tom Clare has spilled all the tea from the villa and opened up on his relationship with fellow islander Georgia Steel.

Now, those who watched Love Island: All Stars will know that Tom and Georgia were the centre of quite a lot of drama in this year's series.

Molly and Tom spoke about their villa experience on the Wednesdays podcast.

When Tom entered the villa, Georgia - who Tom had 'history' with - was coupled up with Callum.

At first it seemed they had unfinished business, with the pair having plenty of flirty chats and Georgia telling Tom that she 'fancied him' during their private conversations.

She also told the other girls that Tom had driven from London to her home town of York, without a phone, to see her.

But with Georgia still getting to know Callum, and Tom starting to get to know Callum's ex, Molly Smith, things turned pretty messy.

This was made even more complicated when Toby chose to recouple with Georgia, throwing another spanner in the works.

In the end, it all worked out for the best. Molly and Tom went from strength-to-strength and eventually won the entire series, meanwhile Georgia and Toby rekindled their relationship - and Callum struck up a connection with Jess Gale.

Now that everyone is back in the UK, Tom and Molly have opened up on some of the secrets from the villa.

Speaking on Sophie Habboo and Melissa Tattam's podcast, Wednesdays, Tom said: "I must have seen Georgia for about two days... we weren't like seeing each other."

Molly then interjected, explaining that she'd heard that Tom had been 'knocking on doors' to find Georgia's address when he drove up to York to see her.

Tom was pretty taken aback by this, adding: "What, say that again? I did not knock on nobody's door. I knocked on no-one's door."

Tom set the record straight, explaining he'd lost his phone on a trip in Majorca and had Georgia's number written on a piece of paper.

"I drove up to York, we saw each other for about two days but I wouldn't class it as history," said Tom.

Tom spoke about his history with Georgia.

Later in the podcast, the couple were asked some quick-fire questions off Sophie and Melissa.

When asked to name the 'snakiest' islander, Tom said it would have to be Georgia Steel. Yikes. If they didn't have 'history' before, they certainly do now.

Tyla reached out to Georgia's reps for comment.

They told us: “Georgia is currently taking a break from social media due to trolling.

"To hear she is being branded ‘snakey' by fellow show cast members is very disappointing as they know firsthand how trolling on social platforms can affect your mental health.”

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