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Love Island viewers call for 'new warning' after branding scene 'cringeworthy'

Love Island viewers call for 'new warning' after branding scene 'cringeworthy'

ITV fans were forced to mute their televisions during the Love Island advert.

Love Island making its viewers cringe on their sofa seats is nothing new.

Whether it's the gushy 'I can't imagine my life without you' vows during the grand finale - despite only having known each other for a month and bit - or the painfully awkward lap dances in the heart-rate challenge, it's almost impossible to watch the ITV hit without recoiling in disgust.

And last night's instalment of the ongoing All Stars version was no different for fans of the reality dating favourite, who have now called for a brand new 'cringe-warning' to be implemented, to warn viewers when they might wish to avert their eyes.

As well as a little bit too much PDA - which we'll get onto later - last night's show brought the emotion-fuelled drama we love to see.

There was MAJOR fall-out following the controversial Couple Of Sorts challenge, which essentially saw islanders ranking one another's relationships against their own.

Toby Aromolaran was seen shedding a tear after his co-stars agreed he and partner Georgia Steele were most likely to cheat on one another after the show, which led him to recall his turbulent 2022 split from ex Love Island 'soulmate' Chloe Burrows.

There were PLENTY of Valentine's Day snogs during last night's instalment.

Anton Danyluk and Georgia Harrison were also left with bees in their bonnets after being voted the 'most boring' and 'least likely to last' couple in the entire villa.

So much so, that Scottish bodybuilder even gathered his castmates around the fire so they could discuss their decision face-to-face.

But this only led to 2015 star Joshua Ritchie getting defensive, claiming his co-stars had made him look 'like a d**k' but not admitting they agreed with their group decision.

The altercation seemingly left viewers torn between whether they backed Josh for his honesty, or supported Anton for confronting the group head on.

But this wasn't the only moment from last night's instalment that set viewers' tongues wagging.

Arabella and Adam also locked lips.

As well as a hoard of heated discussions, viewers were forced to feast their eyes on countless amounts of sloppy, wet kisses.

But it wasn't just watching the lustful lip-locking that has apparently left fans traumatised, it was the noise.

During the romantic outdoor dinner dates that producers had set up for them, the islanders couldn't resist making moves on one another, with couples Toby and Georgia, Anton and Georgia, Joshua and Sophie Piper, Adam Maxted and Arabella Chi, Molly Smith and Tom Clare, and Callum Jones and Jess Gale giving each other passionate - rather HD - smooches.

Now, viewers are BEGGING producers to issue a nausea warning so they know whether an extremely explicit snog is around the corner.

Molly Smith and Tom Clare were also struck my Cupid's arrow.

"Did not need this episode today u. guys could've put a trigger warning damn," one viewer penned on Twitter.

Another went on: "I can’t cope with the level of cringe".

"I need to mute this bit" a third hit out.

"They all ugly kiss yuck yuck", another observed.

A fifth demanded: "Can they not just turn the mics off when they all start kissing?".

You'd think!

Featured Image Credit: Credit: ITV

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