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Love Island’s Molly Smith speaks out on claims of ‘sexual tension’ with ex Callum Jones in villa

Love Island’s Molly Smith speaks out on claims of ‘sexual tension’ with ex Callum Jones in villa

She appeared on Lorraine this morning alongside her fellow winner Tom

Love Island winner Molly Smith has spoken out about claims of ‘sexual tension’ with ex Callum Jones, having had to hang out with her former partner in the Love Island All Stars villa.

Former flames Molly, 29, and Callum, 27 - who split last year after three years together - were reunited on the show, leading to several painfully-awkward conversations about their break up.

But while some fans hoped they'd rekindle their romance, they both set their sights elsewhere, with Molly eventually going on to win alongside Tom Clare, 24.

The couple touched down at Heathrow yesterday after securing their £50,000 prize in the tense final earlier this week, beating the likes of Georgia Harrison, Anton Danyluk, Georgia Steele, Toby Aromolaran, Sophie Piper and Joshua Ritchie to the cash.

Callum and his partner Jess Gale were close to the top spot, but ended up finishing in second place.

Having returned home, Molly and Tom appeared on Lorraine to talk about their time in the villa.

The couple appeared on Lorraine to discuss their time on the show.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly’s stand-in Ranvir Singh, the duo discussed how it felt knowing the public was rooting for exes Molly and Callum to hook up again.

"We didn't understand that though, did we really?” she said.

Tom then chipped in: “People were saying that on the calls from home, but no one in the villa had seen anything like that.”

Molly added: “Yeah and they are the ones living with us, so there was nothing at all.”

Ranvir managed to sneak in the question that we were all wondering, boldly asking Molly if she felt any lingering feelings towards her former flame.

"No sexual tension?” she said, as Molly quickly replied: “No, nothing at all.”

Molly was quick to address the idea that she still had feelings for Callum.

Tom said it felt good to be able to chat to Callum in the villa, despite the fact that his history with Molly should mean they’re sworn enemies.

"Normally on the outside you wouldn't be friends,” he explained.

“But Callum is such a good lad and I can chat to him.”

Ahead of the final, Molly spoke about how the experience on the show ‘forced’ her to be friends with her ex, having felt ‘grateful’ that they were given the chance to find closure.

“I think obviously from the outside looking in, people won't understand,” she said.

“We're in an intense environment and you've got to get along so it kind of forced us to be friends.

“We probably wouldn't be at this stage on the outside, it probably would have just been a bit awkward, but I feel like it's got us to a place that we never would have gotten to, and I'm actually grateful for that.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mollysmith19/ITV

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