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Love Island star dumped from villa in huge shock twist causing heated row

Love Island star dumped from villa in huge shock twist causing heated row

ITV has provided us with yet another bombshell revelation

The latest season of Love Island kicked off just a few weeks back and it's fair to say this one's been as juicy as ever with a whole bunch of relationship madness, villa chaos and shocking bombshell revelations.

And the most recent slice of drama sees one Islander reportedly dumped from the beautiful Mallorca abode in a huge shock twist causing a pretty heated row in the villa.

Now, it's not yet been revealed to ITV viewers who the contestant leaving the reality TV show is but it's clear the decision has sent everyone into a total spiral.

A source told The Sun: "The dumping came out of nowhere - everyone was speechless.

"There were tears and people started to clash over who went home. It's an unmissable episode."

ITV refused to comment when approached by Tyla.

The dumping follows celebrity bombshell, Joey Essex, being called out by Samantha Kenny after spending the night with Grace Jackson - who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend - despite spending two weeks with Samantha.

Sam was also reduced to tears after watching the pair share a kiss in front of her.

Joey later eventually addressed the elephant in the room, telling Samantha: "I saw you upset earlier."

Joey Essex has definitely ruffled some feathers. (ITV)
Joey Essex has definitely ruffled some feathers. (ITV)

"Well yeah," she replied. "I feel embarrassed if I’m being completely honest… I just feel like I was a bit of a placeholder until someone else come in."

The TOWIE star then explained: "I didn’t want this to be the outcome," to which Sam asked: "From what’s happened over there, why would I want to carry on? Did you kiss each other in there?"

Deciding to spin the conversation back on to her, Joey then said: "Well, yeah… you ruled me out the minute those bombshells walked in you were done."

It seems fans already predicted the spat after spotting a huge 'sign' Joey and Sam 'won't last' following their date.

One TikTok user, @willnjo, posted a clip from the TV show with the caption: "Will Joey Essex break Samantha's heart?" followed by a foreboding skull emoji.

In the clip, Samantha can be heard talking about her first date with the star.

She said: "We're just comfortable with each other. He was like, 'There's no one other than this girl [herself] - as soon as I walked into this villa, there was no other girl.'"

The footage then switches to Joey reflecting on the same first date.

He says: "I'm not parked off. So...", which basically means he's still open to getting to know other girls.


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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