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Love Island fans spot huge 'sign' Joey Essex and Samantha 'won't last' following their date

Love Island fans spot huge 'sign' Joey Essex and Samantha 'won't last' following their date

Trouble is on the horizon for Samantha Kenny and Joey Essex with fireworks expected in tonight's episode of Love Island

It's certainly shaping up to be a hot summer in this year's Love Island villa, and fans are making their predictions on which couples will - or won't - last.

The latest installation of the reality TV behemoth kicked off on 1 June, and it was fireworks from the very start.

It was a truly jaw-dropping moment when reality star Joey Essex entered the villa as the first celebrity bombshell in the show's history.

Producers didn't mince their words ahead of the launch, telling viewers to 'expect the unexpected', and it seems they've made good on their promise in more ways than one already.

Aside from Joey's dramatic entrance, we've had shock dumpings and a Hideaway twist that literally none of us saw coming.

In case you didn't know, in past years, Islander couples have had to have been nominated to go to the infamous Hideaway for some alone time - and now they can go of their own free will, promising a lot of steamy scenes.

But not only that, pulses were set racing during last night's episode of Love Island (13 June) when it soon became clear that one of the new bombshells, Grace Jackson, is in fact Joey's ex.

Joey reacted by saying "Oh my God!" and clasping his hands over his mouth.

Samantha and Joey are coupled up in the villa. (ITV)
Samantha and Joey are coupled up in the villa. (ITV)

He then said to fellow Islander Sean: "I used to see that girl, bro!"

The show then ended on a cliffhanger - drama.

Joey is currently coupled up in the villa with 26-year-old Liverpudlian make up artist, Samantha Kenny - and she appears to be very into him, indeed.

Time will tell how Samantha takes the new dynamic of Joey being in the villa with his ex.

Eagle eyed viewers have taken to TikTok to share their theories on why Joey and Samantha won't last.

One user, @willnjo, posted a clip from the show with the caption: "Will Joey Essex break Samantha's heart?" followed by a foreboding skull emoji.

Joey's ex, Grace Jackson, has entered the villa as a 'bombshell'. (ITV)
Joey's ex, Grace Jackson, has entered the villa as a 'bombshell'. (ITV)

In the clip, Samantha can be heard talking about her first date with the star.

She said: "We're just comfortable with each other. He was like, "There's no one other than this girl [herself] - as soon as I walked into this villa, there was no other girl-""

The footage then switches to Joey reflecting on the same first date.

He says: "I'm not parked off. So...", which basically means he's still open to getting to know other girls.

The TikToker then gives his own run down of the events.

He says: "Wait. Not Samantha and Joey coming back from the date. Samantha goes to the girls and tells the girls "Yeah, he said that I'm the only one he wanted", then Joey goes to the boys and says he's not 'parked off'.

"Men will actually embarrass you and this is a prime example.

"I'm sorry but all it takes is one hot bombshell to walk in and Joey's head is gonna turn 360."

One person commented: "I actually feel bad."

Whereas another said: "I'm so sorry but I can't wait for Joey to couple up with someone else coz I can't with Sam and her delusions."

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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