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Love Island’s Jake Cornish quits All Stars after just three days in the villa

Love Island’s Jake Cornish quits All Stars after just three days in the villa

The Islander reportedly walked out of the villa last night

We're only one episode into the brand-new series of Love Island: All Stars and it's already all kicking off.

According to reports, Jake Cornish has allegedly 'quit' All Stars, after just three days in the villa.

The 26-year-old reportedly decided to go home last night (15 January), after finding out the public had coupled him up with his ex, Liberty Poole.

A source told The Sun: "Jake was really shocked to see Liberty in the villa - they had no idea the other person would be there.

"It was clear from the start they wouldn't get back together, then none of the girls wanted to step forward for him.

"Jake had a nice three days in the villa and had a very emotional chat to Maya Jama.

"Jake couldn't stay in the villa so he quit the show - it's not his time and it's not the right time to find love."

The former couple first met during the seventh series of the ITV reality dating show, but their relationship took a turn for the worse just a matter of days before the final.

In case you need your memory jogging, Liberty coupled up with Jake on the very first day of the 2021 series.

Fans reckoned the cute couple - who were nicknamed Jiberty - would make it all the way to the final. However, tragedy struck leading them to have a pretty intense break-up.

The split resulted in Liberty self-evicting from the villa and leaving the show a single gal.

Liberty and Jake had a pretty intense break-up on the show back in 2021.

During last night's episode, Jake looked visibly annoyed after finding out he'd been coupled with Liberty.

After Maya revealed the news, he huffed: "I knew it".

"I don't hate the girl," he said of Liberty when opening up about how he felt about the reunion with his ex.

When the pair first realised they would be on the show together once again for a second time around, Jake shook his head saying: "What are the chances?"

He did assure the group, however, that there was 'never any bad blood' between himself and Liberty, but added that there's 'probably a chat to be done'.

In one clip Jake explained: "Me and Lib left the show, not seen her about, not spoke to her, but I've definitely matured massively. Older, bigger, wiser, better looking."

Love Island: All Stars finally hit our screens yesterday Monday (15 January).

Liberty also explained: "I was on series seven. I'm probably best known for breaking up with my ex Jake a few days before the finals."

When asked by Maya if there was any chance they could find a way to patch things up and reconcile, both Jake and Liberty shook their heads without any hesitation.

Love Island continues on ITVX and ITV2 at 9pm tomorrow.

Tyla has reached out to ITV for comment.

More to follow.

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