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Love Island is officially back tonight for season 10

Love Island is officially back tonight for season 10

People are flocking to social media ahead of Love Island hitting screens tonight for its tenth series

People are flocking to social media ahead of Love Island hitting screens tonight for its tenth series.

As the mornings begin to get lighter and it reaches 9pm and you can still hear birds singing in the sun outside your window, you know exactly what time it is - summ.. - no, Love Island time.

Love it or hate it, it's hard not to switch on your television and accidentally press a few buttons and end up engrossed in some high-intensity drama to take your mind off a long day's work.

Love Island is back for a tenth season.

With Maya Jama back to host, the first episode of the 10th season will see 10 new singles head into the Love Island villa in Mallorca ready to mingle.

The first 10 confirmed participants include beautician Ruchee Gurung, business development executive George Fensom, commerical real estate agent Catherine Agbaje, communications manager Mehdi Edno, musical theatre performer and social media creator Molly Marsh, semi-pro footballer Tyrique Hyde, model Ella Thomas, gas engineer Mitchel Taylor, aesthetics practitioner Jess Harding and business owner André Furtado.

While the smoking area may be gone - *sob* - the show still does have a hefty fan club - or at least people who say they're not going to watch, but then get addicted to the reality TV series anyway - who have flooded to social media ahead of the first episode.

Fans' faces when they realise the first episode of the new season airs tonight.

Fans of the show have surged to Twitter in excitement over its return.

One user said: "I hate how much i love watching Love Island, it’s kinda embarrassing."

"Me on my way to watch #LoveIsland this summer after swearing i would never watch again only 3 months ago," another added.

A third said: "Happy Love Island dayyy."

The Love Island villa's had a revamp.

However, other viewers aren't quite as excited for Love Island's return.

"Can we just admit that Love Islands had its day and move on," a user said.

A second added: "Love Island peaked in 2019 tbh there's been a few good moments since but nothing tops that year."

"Don't tell me there's another one?! Same old story with every reality show. First 3 seasons are great, then it just becomes pure money hungry fame and far too scripted. They then keep it going way too long," a third wrote.

Although, a final resolved: "100 percent but I'm still gonna watch it religiously."

You can catch Love Island on ITV2 tonight at 9:00pm or catch up on ITVX.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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