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Love Island star Georgia Steel reveals her family got ‘death threats’ whilst she was on All Stars

Love Island star Georgia Steel reveals her family got ‘death threats’ whilst she was on All Stars

She opened up about her time on the ITV reality show

While Love Island: All Stars came to an end back in February - it's clear there's still a whole lot of buzz over this year's contestants.

Now, there was quite a lot of chatter over the whole Callum Jones and Molly Smith saga, Tom Clare reportedly dating a Made in Chelsea star before entering the villa alongside Toby Aromolaran and Georgia Steel calling it quits just weeks after leaving the reality dating show.

And the latest sees the likes of Georgia revealing that her family had received 'death threats' while she was on All Stars.

Georgia's family previously issued a statement after she got bunch of 'vile threats' and 'nasty' messages from viewers of the ITV show.

"I felt like the most hated woman in the country. I had no clue it would be that bad," Georgia told The Sun, speaking about the backlash she'd received after several clips showing her connections with the different contestants were played during the PDA Awards.

The former Islander added: "I had a feeling I would get some stick when I got out but never did I know that the trolling would be so intense.

"I’ve had death threats, my family and friends have had death threats and I feel slightly responsible for that."

Georgia Steel came under fire from ITV viewers over All Star's PDA Awards.

And now, Georgia, who finished up in fourth place on the programme, has opened up about the whole ordeal once again to Sky News.

She explained: "I don’t think anyone can kind of prepare you for that.

"You don’t really know how to process that if I’m honest, you’re quite scared, you don’t know if the whole world hates you."

The 26-year-old continued to say: "I felt like everyone hated me.

"My family and my friends, they had death threats. My mum got messages – 'how could you raise a girl like this?'

The former Islander opened up about her family receiving 'death threats' from trolls online.

"Yeah, which is awful, because like in reality… I just want to make the people that support and love me proud."

Sharing her response to the trolls online, she continued: "Would you really say it to their face? And also would you be happy if the consequences were really bad?"

"It could just take that one comment that tips someone over the edge," Georgia added.

A spokesperson from ITV said at the time: "We would always urge our viewers to be kind when engaging in social media conversations about our Islanders, and to remember that they are real people with feelings."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@geesteelx/ITV

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