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Love Island fans shocked after learning Hannah Elizabeth’s real age

Love Island fans shocked after learning Hannah Elizabeth’s real age

They took to social media to share their confusion

After a long, long wait, Love Island: All Stars finally graced our screens last night and gave armchair critics all over the chance to cosy up and watch some familiar faces rock up to the South African villa for their second chance at finding romance.

Among the All Stars cast included the likes of fan-favourite, Hannah Elizabeth, from the very first season of the ITV reality dating show.

Viewers have since been left well and truly stunned after learning Hannah's real age and, let's just say, they've not held back online with their shock.

The iconic Islander is best known for getting engaged to her partner, Jon Clarke, on Love Island back in season one and now, nearly a decade on, Hannah has re-entered the villa once again.

Asked why she was returning, the mum-of-one revealed: "I’m returning to the Love Island villa because I did it eight years ago and what an opportunity I never thought I’d get again.

"I’m not very good at finding love but I had a ball the first time, so I’m going to have a ball again."

When asked whether we could expect wedding bells from her in the villa this time around, the Liverpudlian assured: "Absolutely not, not in the villa no.

Hannah Elizabeth was on series one of Love Island.

"Maybe when I get out, but I’d need to give it a bit of time. It was almost ten years ago and I was in that proper whirlwind kind of love, now that I’m that bit older I try to take things a little slower."

Hannah revealed to the lads in last night's (15 January) airing that she was 33 and viewers have since rushed to social media to share their reactions to finding out the reality TV star's age.

Some made 'mean' comments about Hannah and her age while others were just simply not expecting it.

One X, formerly Twitter, user penned: "That Hannah woman doesn’t look 33 wtf."

"You’re telling me Hannah is one year older than me? I refuse to believe me and her are age mates," added a second.

Viewers were shocked after finding out the fan-favourite's age.

A third chimed in: "Hannah is not 33. I’m not having it!"

"Hannah being 33 is crazy to me," revealed a fourth.

Another viewer hit out: "Anyone coming for Hannah’s age can f**k off she was on series one."

"I'm seeing some mean tweets about Hannah and her age... she was brilliant on her series give her a chance," defended a final user.

Love Island continues on ITVX and ITV2 at 9pm tonight.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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