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Love Island’s Anton Danyluk admits he agreed with cruel comments about his ‘changing face’

Love Island’s Anton Danyluk admits he agreed with cruel comments about his ‘changing face’

He opened up about comments he's received online

Love Island All Stars has finally graced our screens after what felt like an eternity of waiting.

Whether it was the pretty huge twist, the shocking reunion between Callum and Molly or the reports that Jake Cornish quit the show after just three days in the villa - we've already had a load of drama following the very first episode of the brand-new ITV reality dating show which aired last night (15 January).

I'm sure many of us were excited to see a bunch of familiar faces yet again but it's clear some have had it harder than others after leaving the villa the first time round, with former Islander Anton Danyluk admitting he agreed with cruel comments about his 'changing face'.

Opening up about his experiences on the 2018 series of the show, the 29-year-old told the Mirror ahead of his return for the first ever All Stars series: "My last experience was a little bit shaky to say the least. I felt like I was hanging on for dear life every week."

He also revealed the darker side to his new-found celebrity life, revealing: "I wasn’t nice to people, I thought I was more famous than I was. I lost myself and I ended up feeling like a failure."

Anton also became subject to a load of comments online attacking his appearance, namely centred around an apparent 'change' to his face.

Some speculated whether Anton, who had taken up bodybuilding at the time, had tried out Botox, fillers and accused him of having cosmetic surgery.

Some accused Anton of having cosmetic surgery.

Speaking about the situation, he recalled: "It couldn’t have got any worse.

"The hardest thing about that period is that I agreed with what people were saying about me. I did put on weight, which by the way was deliberate because I was bodybuilding at the time. I just thought, I’ll show them when I’ve finished my cut and that gave me the fuel to get through it.

"I knew there was going to be backlash and that’s why I put off bulking for so long after Love Island. But it was a lot worse than I had expected."

He continued: "There were days when I found it difficult to deal with. Let’s not get it twisted, I’m a very vain guy. So to be trolled that much about how I looked... and I agreed with what they were saying."

Anton first appeared on Love Island back in 2018.

However, Anton revealed the whole situation only made him stronger, adding: "I always prepare for the worst. When you go on Love Island there will be positives that come into your life, but there will be negatives.

"One thing I got dragged into when I first came out of the show is that you post something and you would have a thousand nice comments and you’d have one bad comment and you’d get so absorbed in the bad.

"You don’t give the time of the day to the nice replies, you focus on that one person giving you the negative. It’s to be expected."

He resolved: "I’ve been through it the last few years. It doesn’t bother me now. Mentally I’m in the best place I can be in my life and nothing can break me."

Love Island All Stars continues on ITVX and ITV2 at 9pm tonight.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@anton_danyluk /ITV

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