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Woman yells at influencers to 'get a real job' after they were taking photos on street

Woman yells at influencers to 'get a real job' after they were taking photos on street

Ex-Love Island Australia contestants had a viral altercation uploaded to TikTok.

A woman fired a lethal middle finger at a group of influencers before telling them to 'get a real job' as they were taking selfies on the street.

Ex-Love Island Australia contestant Tayla Mellington took to TikTok to share the shocking interaction in front of Gold Coast residential building. Watch below:

“We were minding our own business, taking photos, and this chick comes up and starts abusing us,” she explains to the camera.

“She’s like ‘you’re devaluing the property, we’re going to call the police, and we just didn’t say anything. And she said ‘you really don’t care do you?’ and I replied ‘no not really’."

“You know when someone is going at you, you just ignore it,” fellow friend and 2021 Love Island Australia contestant Ruby Ennor added.

“We’re not channelling that energy. But she kept going.”

Tayla said the woman kept arguing with the group.

The pair were both featured on Love Island Australia back in 2021.

“She was like, ‘would you stand in front of someone else’s house and take photos?’ and I’m like 'Yeah, we do that',” she said.

“She said we were invading their privacy. I’m not going into their home, it’s out the front part is where we take photos. We’d never go into someone’s property.”

The onlooker then started to insult the way they looked.

“Anyway, she keeps going, she says ‘Why don’t you go get a real job? You don’t make money this way’,” Tayla added.

“Then she goes, ‘You’re not that attractive, if you were you’d get paid to do modelling’. And I was like, excuse me?

“She had a baby with her, just abusing us. She walked off and put the finger up at us.”

A woman fired a lethal middle finger at a group of influencers as they were taking selfies on the street.

The woman was heard saying in the clip: “If you were that attractive, you’d get a real job”.

It didn't stop there, as another woman came out and started to question why the group was taking pics outside the building.

“I was like, ‘oh she is such a b*tch’ to my friends,” Tayla explained.

“And a lady comes out of the building and goes ‘what did you say?’ and I explained that this woman called us not pretty and not attractive.

“And she said that she shouldn’t have said that, but that she was sick of this type of thing [people taking photos in front of the building].”

Viewers were shocked with the incident.

Commenting on the incident, one shocked TikTok user wrote: "Like honestly how does it really effect them?

"Life is way too short to let unimportant stuff like that ruin your day so much. You’re all beautiful."

And another agreed, saying: "That’s the rudest thing you could say to someone bless you girls are so gorgeous."

While someone else said: "I'm not a fan of influencers but can't people taking photos just be like tourists? Or interested in architecture or striking buildings?"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@taylamell

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