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Woman shares cheat to speak to real person at Evri

Woman shares cheat to speak to real person at Evri

A TikToker found an ingenious way to talk to a real person at Evri.

A TikToker found an ingenious way to talk to a real person at Evri.

Look, there's nothing in this world that's worse than waiting for your delivery, except when it doesn't turn up and you have to deal with automated replies from chatbots online.

Check out her incredible hack here:

Now, one woman has come to our rescue sharing a hack to get through to a real live person!

So, how do you do it? Well, as TikToker Alex Snape discovered, you can cut past the chatbots and speak directly to a person by following these simple steps.

Excited about sharing the tip, Alex says "I found you a hack. So if you ring this number, pause to save it, or whatever, it's free, don't worry. And then it'll take you through the whole box system or are you receiving or sending, say sending, even if you're receiving a parcel, say sending."

Right, makes sense so far, now what?

We can't get over how good the hack is.

Well, Alex explains, they'll ask you for a tracking number, don't give your number, instead use one from the list Alex provides.

According to the TikToker, it works wonders: "And then voila, you through to a human operator. You're welcome. But they will ask you about that tracking number. And then just tell them you don't want to discuss that when you want to discuss a parcel that's not been delivered or a parcel that's lost bla bla bla."

And we'll for sure be putting that hack to the test the next time we have a question or two.

Tyla has reached out to Evri for comment.

While we're at it we might ask just how much they pay, because one mum claimed to earn £1,000 a week as a delivery driver.

That's right Atlanta Martin, 22, quit her job as a flight dispatcher when she realised she could make better bank as a delivery driver.

It makes a lot of sense.

She was working for Deliveroo and Just Eat.

Atlanta also works with her boyfriend, Benjamin Hasker, and the pair are pretty competitive about how many orders they can complete.

We imagine you'd have to be if you're spending your entire shift trying to distract yourself from eating other people's food.

So, doing just that, the pair woke up extra early on Tuesday, 13 September, to see how many deliveries they could complete in 24 hours.

And by Wednesday morning, they'd driven 220 miles, made 77 deliveries, and earned £330.16, which is pretty good going.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok alexsnape1

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