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Selena Gomez reveals what she actually said during Golden Globes moment with Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez reveals what she actually said during Golden Globes moment with Taylor Swift

Selena has finally broken her silence

Selena Gomez has finally revealed what she whispered to Taylor Swift at this year's Golden Globes.

Ever since the annual event on Sunday (7 January), fans have been obsessing over what Selena said to BFF Taylor when she scurried over to her table during the show's commercial break.

In a viral clip, Selena, 31, can be seen heading over to Taylor, who's sitting at a table with actor Keleigh Sperry.

Huddling together, the three have a quick tea-spilling sesh - and whatever Selena says seems to have a huge impact on the pair.

While Taylor's jaw drops to the floor, Keleigh can be seen leaning back in pure shock.

Naturally, fans have been desperate to find out what (or who) they were talking about.

It's since been widely speculated that Selena told her friends that Timothée Chalamet - who was attending with girlfriend Kylie Jenner - had refused to take a photograph with her.

One lip reader claimed the conversation went something like this: “He didn’t want a picture with me. He said no.”

To which Keleigh said: “Timothée?” and Selena nodded.

Selena and Timothée have previously worked together, starring as love interests in A Rainy Day In New York back in 2018.

The tea was clearly hot.

It's important to note that Selena's reps have denied that the star asked Timothée for a photo.

In a statement provided to Entertainment Tonight, Selena's reps said: "Selena never went up to Timothée and Kylie and asked for a photo."

And now, Selena has addressed the drama herself, revealing exactly what she said.

Selena has quit Instagram.

Replying to a comment on an Instagram post, Selena said that she was simply telling Taylor about two of her friends who 'hooked up'.

"Noooooo I told Taylor about two of my friends who hooked up. Not that that's anyone's business," she wrote.

Timothée has also denied any drama between his former co-star and Kylie.

When approached by TMZ earlier this week, the Wonka star was asked if Kylie had prevented him from taking a photo with Selena.

Answering 'no', he was also asked if everything was okay with him and the actor, to which he responded 'of course'.

Despite breaking her silence on the incident, fans think Selena has had enough of all the drama, after she decided to quit Instagram again on Tuesday (9 January).

"I'm off social for a while," she wrote.

"I'm focusing on what really matters."

Featured Image Credit: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/X/@allurequinn

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