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Victoria Beckham hit back after she was weighed on live TV after giving birth

Victoria Beckham hit back after she was weighed on live TV after giving birth

The Spice Girls star addressed the ordeal

While David and Victoria Beckham are definitely having their moment with the new Beckham doc dropping on Netflix this month (4 October), it's clear that Posh has long-since had her fair share of TV appearances.

Way back in 1999, following the birth of Brooklyn, Victoria was shockingly weighed live on telly by presenter Chris Evans.

In a clip of a TFI Friday episode shared on YouTube, the radio host starts probing Victoria, now 49, about her weight following her birth. Take a look below:

The fashion designer's body became a key focus of the media when she rose to fame as Posh Spice in the Spice Girls, with the singer receiving extreme scrutiny for her weight.

Speaking about this in an interview with Vogue Australia, Victoria opened up about what it was like to be weighed live on national TV right after delivering her first child.

"A lot of girls want to know, because you look fantastic again, how did you get back to your shape after your birth?" Chris asks, to which she responds: "I haven't done... I mean I'm really lazy, I don't go down the gym or anything."

Evans later asks if her 'weight is back to normal' before pulling out the scales and urging her to weigh herself on the live TV show, something that simply would not have been allowed to happen today.

Referencing this moment in the interview, she said (via The Oz): "I went on a TV show with Chris Evans many years ago and I’d just had Brooklyn and lost a lot of weight after.

Victoria Beckham was weighed on live TV after giving birth to Brooklyn.
Channel 4

"It happened to my mum after her pregnancies. It doesn’t mean you have an eating disorder. And he made me stand on the scales to be weighed. Can you imagine doing that nowadays?"

The pop icon also discussed the media's obsession with her weight throughout the 90s and 00s, and how she was always considered either overweight or too skinny.

"I’ve had ‘Porky Posh’, I’ve had ‘Skeletal Posh’," she continued. "After I had Brooklyn, there was a picture pointing to every single part of my body where I had to focus on losing the weight from."

And it seems not much has changed as, just last year, the star's eating habits were still often making headlines, with stories focusing on her husband David's statement that she mostly only eats grilled fish and vegetables.

"I mean, talk about making me sound boring!" she told the publication, adding that what he meant is that she's 'disciplined' when it comes to eating healthy.

"I eats lots of healthy fat: fish. avocado, nuts, that sort of thing," she explained. "I do drink alcohol, unless I have a reason not to. I'll detox from anything for three to six months where I won't drink."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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