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Taylor Swift sparks concern about her health among fans after appearing 'unwell' on stage

Taylor Swift sparks concern about her health among fans after appearing 'unwell' on stage

The 'Love Story' hitmaker is in the midst of her Eras Tour in Asia

Taylor Swift fans are seemingly riddled with concern over the singer's health, after the 34-year-old appeared under the weather while performing on stage as part of her ongoing Eras Tour.

This isn't the first time within the last seven days that a Grammy Award-winning superstar has been struck down in their prime while belting out some bangers on stage, however.

The singer burst into a fit of coughs while performing on stage.
Ashok Kumar/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Last week, Adele was forced to postpone the March dates from her Las Vegas residency after suffering with severe vocal complications after contracting a serious illness.

While performing in the Nevada music hotspot on 28 February, the mother-of-one and 'Rolling In The Deep' chart-topper, 35, even went as far as to compare herself to Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid, due to her low and painful sounding voice.

"In the middle of last night - I'm sure you can hear it in my talking voice and my singing voice a little bit," she told audience members at The Colosseum in Caesar's Palace. "Your girl was tired. I didn't sleep very well.

"And Ursula from the ocean has come from my chest tonight. I can't hit my headnotes properly. I didn't sleep very well and my chest is on fire... I can tell I'm going to have a coffee in like 10 days, but I'm still here."

Sadly, she went on to announce via social media that she's been forced to postpone her next 10 shows.

Adele was forced to postpone her Las Vegas residency dates in March.
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AD

And for music fans lucky enough to have bagged tickets to the remaining dates of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, panic is seemingly breaking out after the hitmaker appeared to have been suddenly taken ill during a recent performance in Singapore.

In a new video of the star singing her hit song 'Delicate', she is seen pausing to cough several times.

Naturally, the now-viral clip has sparked mass concern surrounding Taylor's health.

"Hope she's okay. She's been coughing," one commented on the video, before another went on: "Oooh no she needs some rest."

A third claimed: "She was coughing during our show too."

With the singer having just wrapped up her leg Down Under, someone else wrote: "Everyone is coming down with the flu in Australia, maybe she caught it."

"Most people that went to the Sydney shows caught covid, poor taytay probably did to," another revealed.

According to a source that spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle, however, the singer's management team consistently go above to ensure she doesn't get ill while touring, even permanently cancelling meet-and-greets with fans following the pandemic.

"When Taylor is on tour, strict measures are put into place to stop her interacting with anyone outside of her ‘bubble’," the insider claimed. "They can not risk her getting sick under any circumstances.

"Going on a world tour may sound exciting, but the reality of it is each day just consists of going from a hotel room to the venue and repeat."

LADbible Group has contacted Taylor Swift's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@heyjoshd

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