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Taylor Swift praised for ‘subtle’ and ‘respectful’ gesture after Kansas Chiefs win the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift praised for ‘subtle’ and ‘respectful’ gesture after Kansas Chiefs win the Super Bowl

The 'Anti-Hero' singer celebrated boyfriend Travis Kelce's win

She might not play for either the Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers, but all eyes were on Taylor Swift during last night's Super Bowl.

The singer-songwriter, 34, rocked up to Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium to celebrate the NFL championship and support new boyfriend Travis Kelce, the Chiefs' tight end.

But the 'Anti-Hero' hitmaker wasn't alone in the VIP stands, and was instead joined by a big-name girl-gang of her own - including actress Blake Lively, rapper Ice Spice and fellow musician Lana Del Rey, along with a horde of other supportive gal pals.

Taylor and her celebrity gal pals celebrating the Chiefs' win.
Michael Reaves/Getty

Among the plethora of Taylor's iconic moments during last night's American football showdown - including her arriving in a hot red Chiefs' letterman jacket wearing a necklace bearing Travis' #89 and downing a pint of beer on camera - was the chart-topper's adorable means of celebrating her new beau's victory.

After the Chiefs beat the 49ers 25-22 in overtime, Grammy record-breaker Taylor was first of all spotted jumping up and down and cheering with her squad of A-list ladies.

Travis blew Taylor a kiss before the duo reunited on the pitch following his win.
Getty/Ezra Shaw

It was then that the star was escorted down to the field to see him, along with his loving family.

The heart-melting moment which saw the young lovers reunited on the pitch was caught on camera by a journalist, who subsequently shared the sweet video on Twitter.

And millions of Super Bowl viewers have since heaped praise onto Taylor for her low-key celebration of Travis' win.

As opposed to running onto the pitch and throwing herself into his arms - as the love interests of several players have done in the past following a momentous win - she allowed the athlete to first enjoy a moment with his family.

The pair eventually shared a smooch.
Ezra Shaw/Getty

In the clip, sportsman Travis can be seen heading over to his mother - giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek - before making a beeline for Taylor.

Though it hasn't yet been confirmed, it appears as though the NFL star either tells her, 'Come here, girl' or 'Hey, baby girl', after taking off his golden cap, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her face.

The couple then remain in a locked embrace for several seconds, swaying side-to-side and only breaking away every once in a while to share another loving kiss.

"She is so incredibly respectful the way she stands back and lets him have his moment with mum and then waits till he comes to her," one viewer has since penned on social media.

"The way she is so respectful of his relationships with his parents - and he’s so soft with her. She deserves this love," another wrote.

A third also gushed: "She’s so classy stepping back so he could hug his mother first".

"SOBBING - I absolutely adore them. He’s so good to her. She’s so respectful for letting mama get hugs first," another went on.

Featured Image Credit: X/@DMRussini

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