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Grammys host Trevor Noah applauded for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce joke during award show

Grammys host Trevor Noah applauded for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce joke during award show

It went down MUCH better than Jo Koy's

Grammys host Trevor Noah has been applauded for his perfectly executed joke about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, following a quip that didn’t go down quite as well when Jo Koy referenced the couple in his Golden Globes material.

Watch what he said - and, crucially, how she reacted - here:

During the prestigious event last month, comedian Koy joked that the ‘big difference’ between the Golden Globes and the NFL was that there were ‘fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift’ at the awards ceremony, which resulted in the singer pursing her lips before taking a casual sip of champagne.

While it wasn’t Koy’s only comment that went down like a lead balloon, when the Grammys came around, host Trevor Noah saw his opportunity to say something that might be a little better received.

During his monologue, the South African comedian not only had the room in stitches, but also went as far as to hype Tay-Tay up.

Swift actually breezed past him as she entered the room, giving him the perfect moment to start the pleasantries.

As the singer sauntered behind him through the crowd, he said: “Are you seeing what’s happening right now? As Taylor Swift moves through the room, the local economy around those tables improves.

“Can you see that? Look at this magic right now, look at this magic. Lionel Richie? Now Lionel Wealthy! Look at that!”

Grammys host Trevor Noah.

As Swift took her seat – the room around her laughing – Noah turned his attention to the topic of the her attending Kansas City Chiefs games to watch boyfriend Travis Kelce in action.

He went on: "I think it is so unfair how NFL fans have been complaining about the cameras cutting to Taylor Swift, like she's controlling the cameras at the games. Alright? Let her live.

"In fact, tonight, on Taylor’s behalf, you know what I’m going to do? I’m gonna give her a break.

“Every time they mention Taylor Swift, I’m gonna get revenge. Every time someone says Taylor Swift, I’m gonna cut the cameras to someone who plays football. Cut, bam."

The camera then cut to actor and former NFL star Terry Crews, who chuckled as Crews joked about being able to lip-read whatever he was saying.

We also saw the reaction from Swift, who seemed to be enjoying the tables being turned.

Swift seemed to enjoy the joke this time round.

In fact, footage also showed her giving Noah a big hug as the ceremony ended, meaning she must’ve been happy.

Fans were equally thrilled that the ball was more in Swift’s court, with one tweeting: "Trevor Noah is killing it as the Grammys host. This is how you make a joke with Taylor as a punchline. He then went on to lift up Doja Cat, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eillish.... He's generating laughter AND love without misogyny."

Someone else said: "THAT’S how you make a joke about Taylor at an awards show."

A third added: “Finally a good Taylor Swift NFL joke."

Featured Image Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images/CBS/Recording Academy

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