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Stacey Solomon hits back at critics as she dresses daughter in matching outfit

Stacey Solomon hits back at critics as she dresses daughter in matching outfit

Ahead of her due date, Stacey Solomon has hit back at critics over dressing her daughter in a matching outfit.

Stacey Solomon has hit back at critics who said she was sad for dressing her daughter in a matching outfit.

The former X Factor star is expecting her fifth child and her third with husband Joe Swash.

Solomon shocked fans shortly after Christmas by announcing she was expecting her fifth child, just over a year after giving birth to daughter Rose.

She shocked fans once again just days later when it was announced the baby was coming a lot sooner than we all thought.

Stacey Solomon is expecting her fifth child later this month.

At the end of December, Solomon said on Instagram: "Coming soon… Much sooner than we thought When we found out we still wanted to have that first few months you usually would to adjust and get excited and enjoy it to ourselves, but that didn’t leave us with very long left.

"So this time next month we will be getting ready to say hello to a whole new pickle."

Ahead of the soonish due date, Solomon is spending quality time with Rose.

Taking to Instagram, the Loose Women cast member posed with her one-year-old in matching striped tops and cream skirts.

Next to a video of the pair getting ready, Solomon wrote: "Getting ready with you is my favourite thing to do.

"Joe took Rexy out for some crazy runaround trampoline time yesterday so me and Rose had a girly day.

"First we got ready together and then we just had a proper girly day out together.

"The big pickles are at their dads so it was so lovely to have one on one on Saturday with Rosey Posey.

Stacey Solomon and daughter Rosie posed in matching outfits.

"I love doing one on ones with all the kids when I can but obvs there's a lot of them so it doesn't happen often."

Solomon then went on to address the critics, she said: "And yes I dressed us matching. I don't even care if anyone thinks it's sad.

"I dreamed of these days and I know from teenage experience that she won't want to be seen with me one day."

Solomon posted three pictures from the day on Instagram, with the pair all smiles in the snaps.

Captioning the sweet post, Solomon wrote: "A day out with my little lady… Couldn’t not post these Got to have a girls day yesterday with Rosey Posey and I only wish I had my own adult sized tutu so we could be even more matchy.

"I know one day our matching days will be a distant memory so I made the most yesterday… To the moon & back Rose Happy Sunday Everyone. Lots of love from me and my girl."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/staceysolomon

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