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The adorable way Ozzy Osbourne kept wife Sharon updated on what he was up to whilst she was in Celebrity Big Brother

The adorable way Ozzy Osbourne kept wife Sharon updated on what he was up to whilst she was in Celebrity Big Brother

Their daughter Kelly revealed all...

While his wife was away on Celebrity Big Brother, Ozzy Osbourne kept himself busy in the sweetest way.

The pair were separated for five days when Sharon signed up to be a 'celebrity lodger' on the hit ITV show and the Black Sabbath vocalist seemingly came up with a pretty touching strategy to distract himself from missing her.

While the rest of the housemates signed up for the full 19 days of the series, 71-year-old Sharon was only on the show for less than a week as she didn't want to leave her hubby for long periods of time as he has Parkinson's disease.

Ozzy, 75, was diagnosed with the condition back in 2003 but only publicly revealed the news in 2020.

Sharon revealed that she didn't know how she would 'cope' with missing Ozzy ahead of entering the social experiment.

She explained: "I don’t want to stay away from Ozzy for too long. We’re so close as a family. I don’t think I have ever gone a week without talking to any of them, ever.

"Through fights, feuds, everything. We still talk, and this will definitely be the longest."

Sharon Osbourne left CBB on Tuesday's episode (12 March).

Well, since leaving the show on Tuesday night (12 March), Sharon's daughter, Kelly, has revealed how Ozzy kept himself busy while she was away.

She explained that he had been writing her a diary of all the happenings going on in his life and the outside world.

Kelly also told viewers that, at the end of each day, Ozzy would text Sharon with all his daily news so that she could catch up on everything she had missed once she left the CBB house.

"He's been writing her a diary every day of what's been going on and sending it to her at the end of the day, every single day," she said during an interview with Celebrity Big Brother on Instagram.

Kelly revealed Ozzy had been keeping a daily diary for Sharon.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kelly also revealed her father had demanded she get her mother's phone back to her ASAP when they were reunited so that he could finally talk to her.

Opening up about the first thing her dad said to her when she flew to the UK to pick up her mum from the house, Kelly said: "Oh my God, my dad, the first thing he said to me was 'Give the phone to your mum. Give her back her phone'."

Well, the pair are once again reunited at long last.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

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