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Celebrity Big Brother viewers call Sharon Osbourne’s exit interview ‘painful’ as they claim she is ‘terrified’

Celebrity Big Brother viewers call Sharon Osbourne’s exit interview ‘painful’ as they claim she is ‘terrified’

"The Sharon Osbourne interview is like getting blood from a stone"

We're now officially half way through Celebrity Big Brother, and we're dreading the end already.

The star-studded version of the reality show has been off our screens for a whopping six years, so we've been savouring every minute.

We've been spoiled with the cast, which includes household names such as Ekin-Su, Levi Roots, Fern Britton and of course, former X-Factor judges Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne.

The two made a formidable duo, not holding back on sharing their thoughts on a number of A-Listers, including Adele, Anna Wintour and Simon Cowell.

Their refusal to bite their tongues has been refreshing for viewers as more often than not, we have to assume stars hold back to protect their image... well, we can't say the same for Louis' comments about Jedward during last night's episode. Yikes.

After the heartbreaking reason for Sharon's pre-planned early departure was revealed - she has to get back to her husband Ozzy who has Parkinson's Disease - viewers were sad but understanding that her time on the show would be short.

Despite viewers being ready to mourn Sharon's larger than life presence in the house, we were collectively looking forward to her exit interview - during which we imagined she'd be ready and raring to spill more beans.

However, viewers were left baffled by the atmosphere between Sharon and hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best, noting that Sharon seemed much more reserved than she had on the show.

This change in demeanour came after Sharon was shown her 'best bits' with sidekick Louis Walsh, during which she was reminded of calling Anna Wintour 'the C-word', and saying that Simon Cowell is 'the one who needs to change'.

Sharon and Louis have been thick as thieves on the show.

Before playing the footage, Will said: "You certainly didn't hold back, the pair of you!"

Sharon could be seen open-mouthed with raised eyebrows as the clips played.

The interview had started well, with Sharon saying she had a lot of fun in the house, going on to say: "I will never forget my time in there."

Yet, after being reminded of those moments, Sharon appeared to clam up.

Will added: "You seem surprised that we've seen all of that."

Sharon quipped: "I thought they'd never air it! So negative, so mean."

The rest of the interview then went on to have some very stiff moments.

AJ asked Sharon about her role as a celebrity lodger who had access to more information than the rest of the housemates: "Were you ever tempted to spill some of what you'd seen?"

To which Sharon replied with a short: "No."

Sharon Osbourne, Celebrity Big Brother's 'celebrity lodger'.

AJ pressed: "So you didn't enjoy sitting there and you didn't want to spill the beans when you got back?"

Sharon simply shook her head in response.

Asked how Louis will cope without her in the house, Sharon said: "Fern will look after him."

Host Will interjected: "If he's a bit nicer to her!", to which Sharon responded: "Oh that's not gone out has it?" and looked visibly distressed.

Her best bits were quickly played and she left the stage.

Opinions on the interview were quick to flood social media, with many taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their thoughts.

One wrote: "My god this interview with Sharon is painful."

Another added: "I think Sharon has realised Louis has f****d it for himself badly (she didn't think BB filmed everything) and is being careful in this interview. Great TV."

A third wrote: "The Sharon Osbourne interview is like getting blood from a stone. AJ and Will are in the trenches."


Featured Image Credit: ITV

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