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EastEnders star Ross Kemp looks unrecognisable on Good Morning Britain with full head of hair

EastEnders star Ross Kemp looks unrecognisable on Good Morning Britain with full head of hair

The soap star once sported a luscious head of locks

We've all grown to associate Ross Kemp as the bald-headed character of Grant Mitchell in the iconic BBC soap opera EastEnders.

However, it would seem Kemp didn't always sport his signature smooth skull after looking almost unrecognisable on Good Morning Britain with a full head of hair.

The former EastEnders actor appeared on the ITV breakfast show to chat all about his upcoming book titled Take Nothing For Granted: Tales From An Unexpected Life - giving fans an inside look into all the weird and wonderful secrets of his impressive career.

While the 59-year-old TV presenter is known for his baldness across the world, he revealed to hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard that this wasn't always the case.

During the programme, Kemp whipped out an old photo of him from the rugby-playing days of his youth, kitted out with a red and white striped shirt with a closely shaven but visible dark hair nonetheless.

A second black and white photo saw Kemp with a strong head of wavy curls taken shortly after he left drama school.

Let's just say, apart from the easily-recognisable smirk and eyes, Kemp looks like three different people in the two photos compared to how he looks today.

Even seeing Ross Kemp with that little hair is quite a shock to the system.

Kemp also starred as Graham Lodsworth in Emmerdale back in the 80s as a young lad and can be seen sporting a similarly lush noggin full of waves.

Elsewhere during the programme, Kemp revealed exactly how he 'topped up' his wage whilst starring in EastEnders throughout the 90s.

And the secret?

Kemp played the character of raham Lodsworth in Emmerdale between December 1986 and February 1987.

Simply 'creeping into other people’s shots'.

He explained that three episodes were usually filmed back-to-back and, if he wasn’t supposed to be involved in one of them, he’d effectively force his way into the background all so he could charge for an extra episode fee.

Kemp began: "If you were doing three days in the Vic, which you would normally do, I would normally be standing back.

"I'd work out that I was not in the middle episode that they were shooting that day and obviously cameras like the one pointing at me now has a red light on top of it when it's recording."

A photo showing the star's full head of hair  taken shortly after he left drama school in the mid-1980s.

Kemp joked that he 'got on very well' with the show's camera operators who helped him in this schemes.

"So I got on very well with the camera guys and I'd say 'Is this episode 235 and not episode 234 or 233' and they'd go 'Yes', I'm not in that one, well I am now,'" he went on.

However, the schemer was shortly found out, confessing: "They soon cottoned on me though."

Shephard responded: "Did they? So there's a bit of improv in there as well?"

"Oh totally," Kemp confirmed.

Dictionary definition of thinking smart not hard, people.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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