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Good Morning Britain: Kate Garraway Called Out After Struggling To Pronounce Guest's Name

Good Morning Britain: Kate Garraway Called Out After Struggling To Pronounce Guest's Name

“OMG Kate how bloody rude!”

Kate Garraway was left red-face on Good Morning Britain when she struggled to pronounce a guest’s surname.

In a debate on cancel culture, the ITV news programme saw comedian Leo Kearse and Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu discuss the subject while Kate and her co-presenter Ben Shephard introduced them.

However, viewers were left aghast when Kate struggled to pronounce Dr Shola’s surname, and even suggested the academic say it herself.

You can watch the video below.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “For a presenter who must get paid a few hundred thousand a year, you would think Kate would have the professional courtesy to practice the surname of a guest beforehand, if she knew she would struggle with it.”

“How embarrassing though to hear Kate failing to pronounce Dr Shola's surname, asking her guest to do it instead,” a second person added, before saying it certainly wasn’t Good Morning Britain’s “finest hour.”

The moment left viewers feeling embarrassed (

“OMG Kate how bloody rude!” gasped a third. "You pronounce your own name?? send her on a Coffee Break.... Funk ME anyone else they would be UPROAR."

"At worst it’s casual racism which probably didn’t even register with her, at best it’s completely unprofessional, rude and lazy," said a fourth.

Fans praised the academic for standing her ground (

Others praised Dr Shola for standing her ground, insisting that Kate read out her name properly.

“CORRECT THEM ALWAYS!” one person said, while another agreed: “I’m glad she did that and stood her ground - you better try to pronounce her name sis!”

In other Good Morning Britain news, presenters Adil Ray and Susanna Reid aired an empty chair after government ministers did not appear on the show following the ongoing revelations about Boris Johnson's parties.

Adil explained: "This often happens when there's a big news story around the government, when they've got their backs to the wall and they need to answer questions is that they disappear. So we are hearing that we may well not get a government minister this morning despite being a national breakfast show.

GMB aired an empty chair this morning (

"We do have cake... maybe they would like to come in, we do have cake, we can offer you cake, cheese, wine.

Charlotte Hawkins then says: "Don't tell me you're planning to ambush them with cake?"

"You call it an ambush, I call it a party," said Adil.

You can watch the awkward moment here.

Good Morning Britain airs at 6am weekdays on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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