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Peter Andre says he is ‘proud’ of daughter Princess’ GCSE results despite ‘not passing them all’

Peter Andre says he is ‘proud’ of daughter Princess’ GCSE results despite ‘not passing them all’

He said he's proud of her no matter what

Peter Andre has praised his daughter Princess Andre for working hard during exam season despite failing some.

The daughter of Peter and reality TV star, Katie Price, was one of 600,000 students in the UK to collect their GCSE results on Thursday (24 August).

So the nerves were pretty high for every secondary school student on that day.

Taking to Instagram live to unveil her results to her 648K followers, she said: “Basically, the way it works, a 4 is a pass and then below a 4 is a fail, and a 9 is the highest you can get.

“I got a 3 in business, a 3 in drama, a 5 in English, 6 in fashion, 4 in music and 3 in geography and maths.

“It’s not bad, I’m annoyed at maths because I have to retake it.”

Princess also made sure that her followers knew just how much she hates maths, expressing her frustration for having to do the exam again before going to college.

"I need to re-sit my maths, I hate maths, maths is like I never get maths," she said.

Although she didn’t receive the grades she had hoped and worked for, the 'Mysterious Girl' singer, who drove her to collect her results, said he would be 'proud of her no matter what.'

Peter Andre drove Princess to collect her GCSE results.

Her superstar dad, who was also on the live video to offer support to his daughter, reassured her that she had still 'gotten really close' to passing.

Writing in his column for OK! magazine, Peter later said: “Honestly, as long as she puts in 100 percent effort I don’t mind how he does and I wouldn’t be upset if she got low marks.

“She will be going to college after her exams and she is going to study beauty therapy, which is brilliant.

“I’ve already taken her for her open day so she’s getting really excited about it.”

After opening her results, the pair then drove to McDonalds to celebrate her hard work.

Now that's a treat.

Peter said he's 'proud' of his daughter.

As well as Princess, the singer also shares 18-year-old, Junior, with his ex-wife and has two younger children, Amelia, nine, and Theo, six, with his wife Emily, who he married in 2015.

And, when it comes to laying down the law with his children, Peter has some strict rules - which includes not allowing Princess' boyfriend sleep over at their house.

"Any parenting tips or rules are only as good as they are in your house," he said. "My rules in my house are very straightforward. Everyone knows them, it's not even a question.

"With boyfriends or girlfriends, it's downstairs, doors are open and it's daytime."

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