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Trolls slammed after making vile comments about Paris Hilton's nine-month-old son Phoenix

Trolls slammed after making vile comments about Paris Hilton's nine-month-old son Phoenix

Fans have slammed trolls on Instagram

Trolls have been slammed after making some pretty horrible comments about Paris Hilton's nine-month-old son, Phoenix, online.

Paris and her hubby, entrepreneur Carter Reum, welcomed the little bub back in January via surrogate - and were fairly private about the pregnancy.

Since then, the 42-year-old has shared a series of snaps of little Phoenix to her 24.9 million followers on Instagram, and it seems not everyone on her page is as supportive as her other fans.

Internet trolls have been called out after 'bullying' Paris Hilton's baby.
Ivan Apfel/WireImage

Paris posted a series of herself cradling the nine-month-old, captioning the post: "My precious angel baby Phoenix’s first time in NYC."

The pics, posted just three days ago, have since clocked up more than 1.5 million likes and dozens of thousands of comments from people all over.

Unfortunately, the special occasion was somewhat marred by trolls in the comment section who made cruel jokes about the shape of Phoenix's head.

"Stewie?" wrote one Instagram user, referring to the baby on Family Guy whose head shape is wide and purposefully exaggerated.

Paris uploaded a series of photos from Phoenix's first trip to the Big Apple.

A second quipped: "He’s already further AHEAD than most."

"Pinky and da brain," chimed in a a third, referencing another cartoon character with an out-of-proportion head.

Others took the opportunity to offer Paris some unsolicited medical advice.

One suggested: "God bless you. ️Please take him to the neurosurgeon ASAP he needs a helmet soon I'm serious I'm a healthcare provider."

"He really does look like he has macrocephaly!" wrote another, referring to the condition in which sees the head circumference of an infant being larger than normal. "My boys all had big heads, but his is much larger. And yes I’m a nurse."

A third claimed: "Hey Paris, your baby may need what’s called a ‘shunt’ to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid.

"We see it a lot in the NICU [neonatal intensive care unit]. He’s super cute though!”

Many fans rushed to Paris' defence.

Thankfully, however, many fans rushed to Paris' defence to slam the internet trolls and their comments.

"Wtf with rude ppl? It’s just a baby, and don’t pretend that you care about him health when you are not careful with the damage caused by your comments," hit out one Instagram user.

A second echoed: "How many mean people in comments? It’s just a baby!"

"How can people bully a baby?" asked another. "What is wrong with you? It’s an innocent little baby."

A final fan added: "She was so kind to share a precious photo of her son with us. I don't understand why people have to make fun of him or make comments about the way she is holding him."

When will the mum-shaming ever end?!

Featured Image Credit: Ivan Apfel/WireImage/Instagram/@parishilton

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