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Paris Fury mum-shamed after sharing photo of son Prince Rico in new crib

Paris Fury mum-shamed after sharing photo of son Prince Rico in new crib

Her new Instagram post definitely sparked some discussion

Paris Fury has shared another snippet of little Prince Rico's life but people have very mixed opinions on it.

The At Home With The Furys star took to Instagram yesterday (17 October) to share a snap and video of the newest addition to the Fury family, who was born just last month.

She shared a video of Prince Rico in a huge crib painted in gold leaf with an antique finish and a hand-carved plaque complete with silk bedding, custom 'Baby Fury' gold embroidery.

However, the 33-year-old's post has since sparked quite the heated debate online over the 'dangerous' crib set-up - with many quick to criticise the reality TV star.

Have a look:

The mum-of-seven captioned the post: "My Prince Rico in his royal crib today.

"Love his big cot and bed set, thought it was so classic but different too."

The post, which was uploaded yesterday, has since clocked up over 204k likes and hundreds upon hundreds of comments.

Many didn't hold back on their opinions on the lavish crib, with one Instagram user writing: "Very extravagant. Bit much for a family that try to 'keep it real'."

"Bit too gaudy," quipped a second.

A third chimed in: "Blimey I could sleep in that it's mahoosive."

While others were left concerned about how many pillows were scattered around baby Prince Rico.

Tyson and Paris Fury now have seven children.

"So cute but too many pillows... hope it was just for the pic," commented one.

A second hit out: "Pillows have no place in a baby’s cot! Dangerous!"

And another commenter echoed: "Absolutely love his crib it’s adorable but my anxiety would be through the roof with the cushions I think I’d have to take them out while baby’s in crib."

Many, however, rushed in to defend both the crib and Paris' mothering abilities with one Instagram user praising: "He is so beautiful and I love the crib and the set."

Paris Fury received some criticism regarding Prince Rico's crib set-up.

"That cot though!" wrote another. "The set is lovely!"

Someone else remarked: "Here we go... here comes all the safe sleep police."

And a final fan added: "IMAGINE being a mum of seven healthy children and posting a photo of your baby (who’s awake by the way) in their cot to say how much you love it only to be pounced on by the mum police telling you how a child can safely sleep?

"I’m sure that she’s fully aware of what is and isn’t safe being she’s on child seven and I doubt she needs reminding on how to raise a baby safely!"

Tyla has reached out to Paris Fury's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@Parisfury1

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