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Olivia Attwood’s mum makes brutal dig about about ex-boyfriend Chris Hughes and his family

Olivia Attwood’s mum makes brutal dig about about ex-boyfriend Chris Hughes and his family

The pair discussed the relationship on an episode of her podcast

Olivia Attwood and her mum made a brutal dig about her ex-boyfriend, Chris Hughes, and his family.

The 32-year-old Love Island star sat down with her mum, Jen, on a recent episode of her So Wrong It's Right podcast where they discussed a whole plethora of matters.

The episode in question looks back on the 'highs, lows, LOLs and challenging times that Jen and Liv have been through' including her relationship with fellow Islander, Chris.

Now, the pair first crossed paths back in 2017 on the ITV reality dating show.

However, while they left the villa as a couple, they ended up calling it quits around seven months later after a pretty rocky time in the outside world where they found they weren't able to make it work as a couple.

They finally ended things in February 2018 after filming their own spin-off reality show about their life after the villa.

Since then, the reality TV personality and her mum have given fans some extra insight onto their thoughts on not only Chris and the relationship but on his siblings too.

The pair met on Love Island in 2017 but called it quits the following year.

Opening up about her thoughts on Chris, Jen shared: "Oh... what can I say?

"I think he's got a lovely family, he's very fortunate to have such a supportive family because we met all of them, as you know."

Olivia then cut in: "I'll go on the record and say that his older brothers are absolute a***holes."

"The older brothers but..." Jen agreed before her daughter injected again: "The younger brother's really nice.

"They were horrible to me. That's a whole other episode."

Jen continued: "Well the older brothers thought, you know... they were just trying to manipulate the whole situation - weren't they?

"But I think Chris, in his own way, has things to offer."

"We could not have been a worst match," Olivia revealed, before Jen agreed: "No, and you need somebody calm and kind and you still do and he was the opposite of that.

"So, that's why it didn't work."

Olivia previously opened up about the split to the Daily Mail a few years back.

"It was toxic with Chris and we argued a lot," she said. "I was just incompatible with Chris. You meet on this show and things are very different in the real world. "You think 'oh s**t do we actually have stuff in common?' It wasn’t meant to be."

Tyla has reached out to Chris Hughes' representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@SoWrongItsRightPod

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