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Millie Radford worries fans after sharing heartbreaking video of baby daughter in hospital

Millie Radford worries fans after sharing heartbreaking video of baby daughter in hospital

Millie Radford shares the signs of RSV to her fans after her baby contracts the dangerous virus

Nobody wants to go through the agony of seeing their child in pain, which is why so many are rallying around Millie Radford after her heart-breaking video last night.

Radford is the seventh child of Noel and Sue Radford, who are Britain's biggest family and are known for their TV show, ’22 Kids & Counting’.

The 22-year-old mum has gone on to have three of her own children, joining her mum in her love for being a mother.

But it’s her latest video which has left fans worried after her baby daughter, Elodie-Jade, appeared to be ill in hospital.

According to the video, the little girl is suffering from RSV, (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), which is a contagious virus that babies and little ones are prone to contracting.

The illness typically makes it very difficult to breathe, sometimes needing the assistance of an oxygen machine or steam mask.

With so little awareness on the topic, especially regarding the symptoms of such a serious virus, Millie took to Instagram to make sure that others are in the know.

Millie shared a sad update on her baby's condition, showing her hooked up to machines in hospital.
Instagram/ @millieradfordd

Millie shared a short video of her baby sleeping with an oxygen tube taped to her nose on her Story, posting a little graphic at the bottom titled, ‘Are you RSV aware?’.

The graphic went on to list eight common signs of the virus to help other parents.

The image included facts like, ‘all infants are at risk of RSV’ and ‘RSV is a widespread virus with almost every child becoming infected with RSV in their first two years of life’.

This information is essential to parents that otherwise have no idea what this awful illness is.

Over the weekend, Harley Passmore, Millie's boyfriend and Elodie-Jade's father shared a picture of their baby in hospital, but the pair have yet to reveal any information about her current condition or how long this has been going on.

Elodie-Jade was born on September 19 and is barely two months old, which shows that no baby is safe from contracting RSV.

The mum-of-three has come out to share awareness of RSV.
Instagram/ @millieradfordd

Thankfully, Millie has a large family to rally around her in their time of need.

The Radford's are historically a close-knit family, with Millie’s mum even being the birthing partner when Elodie-Jade was being born.

After the birth of their baby, Harley praised his girlfriend and mother-in-law, writing: "Couldn't be anymore proud of you with how amazing you did delivering our beautiful girl into the world I love use so much my family is now complete!

"Also thank you so much sue for helping millie get through it, also I wouldn't of got through it without you."

Sue went on to comment under Millie’s post: "Aww Millie she’s just so beautiful. I’m so proud of you you did amazing bringing her into the world. Thank you so much for asking me to be with you. Love you Xxx."

RSV is a dangerous illness, especially for young children. If you aren’t sure about what signs to look out for, follow the NHS guidance.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @millieradfordd

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