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Miley Cyrus shares shocking work schedule when she was just 13-years-old

Miley Cyrus shares shocking work schedule when she was just 13-years-old

The star has spent the past two decades of her life in the public eye

Miley Cyrus has shared the gruelling work schedule she had as a young teenage star, leaving fans saying she’s more than deserving of a ‘little endless summer vacation’.

Cyrus, 30, rose to fame as a child star on the Disney Channel, having famously starred as the titular popstar in Hannah Montana before going on to forge her own solo career.

The star has been in the limelight for years, having spent the past two decades of her life in the public eye as both a musician and actor.

That’s not to mention her highly publicised relationships with the likes of Nick Jonas, model Justin Gaston and Liam Hemsworth – the latter of whom she married in 2018 after they rekindled their romance, only to separate the year after.

Indeed, she’s lived more of a life in 30 years than many of us probably will in a lifetime, though that’s hardly surprising given just how young it all started.

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana.

While many of us know she was hustling hard as a Disney child star, the extent of just how difficult her work schedule was may come as a surprise to some people.

In a video released on TikTok, as part of her ‘Used to be Young’ intimate interview series, she shared her schedule from an average day when she was younger.

“I’m probably, like, 12 or 13,” she recalled.

“Friday January 5th, 5.30am, hair and makeup in my hotel.

“7am we get picked up. 7.15am I’m on the news. 7.45am I have another live interview. 8.15am another interview. 8.45am another interview. 9.30am-11am meeting with editors. Back to the hotel.

“Okay, I have to do an interview, but the reporters are all fifth grade students.”

It’s at this point that many of us would probably be in desperate need of a nap, but not for Cyrus.

She continued: “1pm-2.30pm me and my dad have a lunch interview. 2.40pm we have to go to the Life magazine photoshoot. 3pm-5pm interview and photoshoot for the Father’s Day issue.

Cyrus shared her schedule in a TikTok video.

“Arrive at 6pm for kids online interview, then at 6.15pm we have another interview.

“Then the next day starts at 7am and ends at 7.30pm - when I fly home to probably go to Hannah. That’s on a Saturday. And then Monday be back at work in the morning.”

She laughed: “I’m a lot of things... but lazy ain’t one of ‘em!”

Miley Cyrus’ work schedule at 12/13:

5.30am - Hair and makeup at hotel

7am – Get picked up

7.15am - News appearance

7.45am - Another live interview

8.15am - Another interview

8.45am - Another interview

9.30am-11am – Meeting with editors, followed by interview

1pm-2.30pm - Lunch interview with dad

2pm-5pm – Life magazine photoshoot and interview for Father’s Day issue

6pm – Another interview

6.15pm - Another interview

A voice – presumably that of mum Tish – can be heard telling her at the end of the video: “That truly was the next four years of your life.”

Cyrus then says: “So, I do think this girl deserves a little endless summer vacation.”

And it seems many fans agree, with one sharing the clip on Twitter and making the same reference to her latest album, which was released earlier this year.

Someone else said: “The most iconic queen.”

And another wrote: “The schedule is insane.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mileycyrus

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