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MAFS UK star Georges Berthonneau drops huge bombshell after he claims Peggy Rose ‘ghosted’ him

MAFS UK star Georges Berthonneau drops huge bombshell after he claims Peggy Rose ‘ghosted’ him

He's taken to Instagram to share yet another statement

OK guys - fasten your seatbelts as there's yet another update in the break-up saga between Married at First Sight's Georges Berthonneau and Peggy Rose.

Georges took to Instagram earlier this afternoon (29 February) to do an Instagram Q&A with his 178k followers where he dropped a huge bombshell after claims that Peggy 'ghosted' him.

His Q&A comes a day after Peggy's own Q&A, where she slammed Georges as a 'liar' while revealing her truth behind the break up.

During his Q&A, one fan asked Georges if he and Peggy had 'remained friends' following their split, to which he responded: "No."

He continued: "I want it to be amicable. It clearly hasn't been.

"Yeah, I mean, I spoke to her on Valentine's Day and then, next thing I know, I haven't had a response, never got a reply, she probably blocked me.

"Know she's unfollowed me on socials like, don't really care. Like it's a shame.

"She's a great person, but definitely not for me. But obviously I will disclose everything in the right time."


Another fan asked Georges 'who broke up with who', to which he responded: "Um no one really broke up with anyone.

"We obviously had a phone conversation and I was talking about my mental health and how I was struggling.

"To which obviously, Peggy hung up on the phone call."

He continued: "We then saw each other next day and I said to her, 'I didn't want to not be with her. I wanted to be with her. I want to work at this'.


"And then, from there, it just kind of went a bit weird. We were still talking. We were still seeing each other at a couple of events but it very quickly went south."

Georges went on to claim: "You know, we agreed that we were going to be on a break and then I just feel that, from the day that I mentioned it, Peggy just ran with the idea and she wanted out and she just won't admit it."

In a statement to TYLA, a representative for Peggy said: "Peggy is absolutely devastated to learn her relationship has sadly come to an end with Georges.

"Peggy really has given it her all to make it work with Georges, but Georges has decided that it would be best to end the relationship.


"Georges had been in touch with Peggy on the the 23rd of December 2023 and January the 30th and sent her a break up text messages, Peggy has been asking Georges to do a joint statement on Instagram for the past 2 weeks with no joy.

"On the 14th of February Peggy released her statement on Instagram."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@georgesbert / E4

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