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Kim Kardashian slammed by fans after bizarre comment on Kate Middleton following speculation on her whereabouts

Kim Kardashian slammed by fans after bizarre comment on Kate Middleton following speculation on her whereabouts

The reality star poked fun at the Princess of Wales' 'disappearance'

Is it just me, or did anyone else imagine that big-name celebrities were totally oblivious to the memes and fun poked at the A-list world?

Well, apparently, even the biggest names in Hollywood are up to date with our often bizarre online conspiracy theories, including reality superstar Kim Kardashian.

That's right - and by the sounds of it, Kim is the latest social media users to join the hoard of people hooked on the current case of Kate Middleton's alleged 'disappearance'.

I know, it's the crossover we never knew we needed.

For those unfamiliar with the investigation into the whereabouts of the Princess of Wales - or who have simply been living under a rock for the last month - let us explain how Kim Kardashian ended up having a say in it...

Kate has not made any public appearances since undergoing abdominal surgery back in January.

Being that her recovery from the procedure has seemingly taken an usually long time, however, followers of the royal story have been left concerned about something ominous going on behind the scenes.

All of the mother-of-three's upcoming state appointments have been cancelled for the foreseeable, with Prince William conducting royal visits on his own.

On top of this, Kensington Palace also appear to have given legs to the rumours of her whereabouts following some photo editing mishaps, causing the internet to burst at the seams with ever-escalating conspiracies surrounding about the Princess.

The internet has become littered with conspiracy theories regarding Kate Middleton's 'disappearance'.
Andy Cheung/Getty Image

And apparently, amongst those to join in at whimsically questioning Kate's disappearance this week is, as mentioned, SKIMS boss Kim Kardashian.

In fact, taking to Instagram on Sunday evening, the 43-year-old mother-of-four used the rumours surrounding the Royal Family's current predicament as inspiration for one of her photo captons.

Posing in a chic pair of leather trousers and casual tee donning Dr Dre's face, she comically captioned the snap: "On my way to go find Kate."

Honestly, if you didn't let out a little laugh when you read that, you need to get your sense of humour medically assessed.

Many of Kim's followers naturally found the funny in her comment, with one penning in the comments: "THIS CAPTION HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH"

Another went on: "Omg that caption is going to stir up so much more drama [laughing emoji]".

Kim Kardashian has used the drama surrounding the Princess of Wales for photo caption inspo.
Some found Kim's caption hilarious, but others not so much.

Others, however, shunned the star for her 'cruel' remark, accusing her of using her platform to troll mother-of-three Kate during a particularly sensitive time.

"Not very kind. This 'joke' will likely seem cruel with hindsight," one hit out.

Another went on: "Really? Had to get on the Kate Middleton train. I knew there was a reason I stopped watching your show."

A third asked, "Why would you say that?", whilst a fourth accused, "Trolling at its worst."

Another went on to double-check: "Is Kimmy… trolling Kate Middleton?"

"Girl take this insensitive post down," a sixth pleaded.

LADbible Group has contacted Kim's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Instagram/@kimkardashian / CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP via Getty Images

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