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Katie Price shares controversial parenting decision she makes with nine-year-old daughter Bunny

Katie Price shares controversial parenting decision she makes with nine-year-old daughter Bunny

Katie Price has opened up about her parenting style with Bunny

The way that we parent varies from person to person, and one person’s hack is another’s slacking off.

This can be even more prevalent when it comes to gift-giving and finances, as a lot of people prefer to restrict their child’s access to being able to make their own purchases.

Obviously, it would be incredibly costly if we all decided to allow our kids to buy whatever they want, whenever they want, but not everyone has to worry about breaking the bank.

Katie Price spoke about allowing Bunny to spend on her credit card.
TikTok/ @jamielaing

Such as former glamour model, Katie Price who has gone on the record to disclose her controversial decision of allowing her daughter, Bunny, to buy whatever she wants.

The 45-year-old explained her choice to let her nine-year-old have financial freedom to splash her cash using her credit card.

Price went on to disclose that she allows her daughter, who she shares with her ex-husband Kieran Hayler, to purchase items on Temu, a new online shop.

While Temu is relatively cheap, like other apps such as Shein and Romwe, it can all quickly add up if she is buying things whenever she wants to.

Speaking to Jamie Laing on his Private Parts podcast, the mum-of-five said: “Bunny's on this site called Temu and she's got my card and she's so clever and I see packages coming all the the time.

“She's just ordering stuff off of it all the time.”

But that wasn’t the only thing that the reality star was struggling with due to her daughter’s infatuation with presents.

Apparently, it’s meant that she has had to struggle with buying her children’s Christmas presents as Bunny keeps opening all of the parcels once they reach the house.

Katie and Jamie spoke about a lot of personal topics during their episode...some scandalous.
TikTok/ @jamielaing

She admitted: “So if I have got something, before I know it, she's opened it. So Christmas presents I can't order, because she'll open it before I've even opened it and wrapped it.

“She's such a nightmare.”

However, there have been good things in the Price home as Princess Andre, 16, went public with her relationship of nine months this year, and her mum is pretty happy about it.

Katie went on to talk about how the new couple fits into her Christmas plans this year: “Princess and her boyfriend are coming up with me for the weekend”.

“I watch them, and they argue, then they laugh. They argue like proper little teenagers.

“They're both like jealous of each other and it's like, 'Oh shut up you two!' They are funny together, they're like a little married couple.”

But Katie admits to being easy going with Princess’s relationship as she reflects on how she was at her age.

There have been a lot of things that the public have been upset about regarding the way that the former model parents, but it’s nice to see her children growing up to be their own people.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@katieprice

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