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Jamie Laing reveals shocking 'tattoo tribute' to Lorraine Kelly leaving her gobsmacked

Jamie Laing reveals shocking 'tattoo tribute' to Lorraine Kelly leaving her gobsmacked

The Made in Chelsea star stunned the TV presenter live on air

It seems like just about every celeb out there right now is surprising their fans after getting inked up.

From Kim Kardashian and Billie Eilish all the way through to Kat Von D - it's clear that shock-worthy tattoos are definitely having their moment.

And that seems to be exactly the case for Jamie Laing, 35, who recently revealed his shocking 'tattoo tribute' to Lorraine Kelly, 63, which left her well and truly gobsmacked live on air.

Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing left Lorraine Kelly in utter disbelief over the 'tattoo tribute'.

The Made in Chelsea alum appeared on Lorraine earlier today (14 November) and excitedly told Lorraine that he had 'done something quite wild' to which Lorraine laughed: "Go on then. I'm very nervous."

He continued: "Now that I'm here, I find it a bit strange that I've done it," before Lorraine gave him the green light to go ahead with the reveal.

Jamie, who is married to 30-year-old Sophie Habboo, said to Lorraine that he got the design in the hopes of following in her footsteps and carving out a career in the live TV biz.

"So, manifesting is everything, so I got a tattoo," he said before finally unveiling a tattoo of the beloved TV presenter's face slap-bang in the middle of his shoulder.

As he rolled up the sleeve of his T-shirt, Jamie claimed: "It hurts a little bit," while Lorraine covered her mouth in disbelief as Sophie laughed.

The 'tattoo' in question.

Unsurprisingly, the presenter was totally baffled by the news and admitted she was both 'astonished' yet 'honoured' by the tat.

She said: "Oh my god. It is really really bad. Please tell me that can rub off."

Continuing the big reveal, Jamie said: "No, we did it two days ago."

"You did not you did not. It's really bad," Lorraine told him. "You are incorrigible."

She then tried to recover, telling Jamie: "It's lovely. It's very flattering, I have to say. I mean the depiction is very pretty," while Sophie chipped in: "Well that's there forever, then."

He then replied: "Oh no I am really embarrassed. Do you think it's bad?"

"It's lovely, I am honoured. I did not expect that. That is quite astonishing," Lorraine added.

However, Jamie quickly came clean about the ink and assured her it was, in fact, fake and just a prank.

Later on in the segment, Jamie was joined by Sophie to promote their new tour for their podcast NewlyWeds.

Clearly enjoying the stunt, he joked yet again: "I'm now going to tell you the truth, by the way it's real."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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