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Kate Beckinsale hits back at cruel troll after she posted selfies from hospital bed

Kate Beckinsale hits back at cruel troll after she posted selfies from hospital bed

The British actress left fans concerned for her health earlier this week.

Kate Beckinsale has hit back at a troll who sent her a cruel message while she was in hospital.

Unlike many big-name celebrities, the critically-acclaimed actress - best known having appeared in blockbuster hits including Click, Serendipity and Van Helsing - has always been open about her health issues.

The 50-year-old star was hospitalised back in 2019 due to a ruptured ovarian cyst, and earlier this week, she took to social media to reveal she had landed back in the emergency room.

Sharing a Mother’s Day post on Instagram, Kate thanked her own mum for ‘turning up’ when she is sick, sending balloons, checking in on her and pulling her ‘out of wells with love’.

The same post also included a series of tearful photos as she lay looking unwell in a hospital bed, and though she hasn't yet opened up about the ins and outs of her health condition, her status doesn’t seem to have improved by the looks of her latest Instagram story updates.

One thing that has seemingly kept her feeling positive amid her scare, however, was a visit from some fluffy friends - which Kate called ‘special visitors’, which included a Pomeranian puppy and a long-haired cat - earlier this week.

It is well known that Kate is an animal lover.

Sadly for Kate, however, whilst she continues to endure life in the hospital, she has since been subjected to horrific trolling.

Following her update yesterday, Kate received a horrific message by an online troll, poking fun at the heartbreaking passing of her cat Clive, who tragically died in June last year.

"Her cat is dead so I guess this dog will do," the message clearly read, before being quickly followed up by another, saying, "Omg. I didn't mean to send that to you. ignore".

Sharing a screengrab of the vicious message on social media, Kate herself penned: "Both my dads are dead so I guess my mum will do, you could also say."

Kate lost her stepfather Roy Battersby back in January after the TV star suffered 'a massive stroke' while battling two forms of cancer.

She has also been caring for her mother Judy Loe, who herself is battling numerous ailments.

Kate shared a screenshot of the trolling online.

Despite her grief, Kate didn't hold back when it came to hitting out at her troll.

"If you really meant for me not to see this you could have deleted it. You chose not to," she wrote.

"You wanted me to feel pain. I already do, in many ways. Don't feel you need to message me again. Please."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/katebeckinsale

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