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Gypsy Rose Blanchard's ex-husband says he was 'blindsided' by breakup as he reveals why they separated

Gypsy Rose Blanchard's ex-husband says he was 'blindsided' by breakup as he reveals why they separated

Convicted murderer Gypsy Rose announced their separation back in April

Followers of convicted killer Gypsy Rose Blanchard's somewhat unconventional life story were left heartbroken earlier this year to hear that she'd called time on her marriage, just weeks after her release from prison.

Amid our shock, however, apparently no one took the news harder than her devastated beau Ryan Anderson.

For those out of the loop with Gypsy's jailbird history and turbulent love life, allow us to fill you in...

Gypsy, now 32, and Ryan had tied the knot all the way back in 2022, while she was serving a sentence of ten years in prison after pleading to the second-degree murder of her mother, Clauddine ‘Dee Dee’ Blanchard in 2015.

After she was released early in December, however, the pair were finally given to opportunity to shack up together, telling press that they couldn't wait for their real life to begin.

Sharing snaps arm-in-arm on social media, and divulging the ins and outs of their sex life in several high-profile interviews, it appeared as though former criminal Gypsy had turned her life around and was on track to achieve her happy ever after.

The couple's romance was also filmed as part of TV series Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up, which documents her life after serving her time in jail.

Gypsy and Ryan married in 2022. (Instagram/@gypsyroseblanchard)
Gypsy and Ryan married in 2022. (Instagram/@gypsyroseblanchard)

You can only imagine fans' shock, therefore, when back in April - less than six months after her release - she announced her and Ryan had parted ways.

Now - following the news that Gypsy has since rekindled a romance with her ex-fiancé Ken Urker - her official soon-to-be ex Ryan has explained why he thinks their marriage ended.

Speaking to E! News presenter Francesca Amiker, he said: "I have some ideas. Personally, I think outside influences got involved.

"And I don't want to pinpoint it yet, because I'm still processing, but I'd go to work and then her mind would just run rampant.

"And I'm still trying to figure out how did it happen so fast?"

He continued: "That's my thing, when I say I'm blindsided—really, I'm blindsided about how fast things occur. It's like a snowball and I haven't been able to stop it. It's just one of those where it's gonna continue to roll."

He also explained that he believes people outside their marriage got into Gypsy's head as he added: "I mean, people in her inner circle, things like that got in her head. It just turned it."

Gypsy recently rekindled with her ex-boyfriend. (Instagram/@gypsyroseblanchard)
Gypsy recently rekindled with her ex-boyfriend. (Instagram/@gypsyroseblanchard)

For Ryan, who was thrust into the spotlight due to his marriage to Gypsy, being in the public eye took some adjustment.

He explained: "There's a lot to process, it's weird watching yourself on TV. I'm not used to that. It's new."

Gypsy filed for divorce in April alongside a temporary restraining order against Ryan.

Since the news of their split emerged, Ryan has been flooded with support from fans and viewers of the TV show.

He thanked them for their support as he said: "It's amazing to see the love and support I get, just being myself. I'm just a genuine person.

"I fell in love with Gypsy, that's the only thing about me. So it's cool to see the support."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@theryananderson / Instagram/@ryan_s_anderson

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