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Gypsy Rose Blanchard faces backlash over extremely expensive baby registry after announcing pregnancy

Gypsy Rose Blanchard faces backlash over extremely expensive baby registry after announcing pregnancy

The TV star and second-degree convicted killer announced earlier this week that she's expecting her first child

Ever since her early release from prison in December, ex-convict Gypsy Rose Blanchard has found herself in global headlines on an almost weekly basis.

Earlier this week, the huge-name star once again broke the internet by announcing her first pregnancy, and today, she's sparked yet another wave of backlash for different, rather pricey, reason altogether.

Gypsy has come under fire for her latest request. (Instagram/@gypsy.rose.blanchard.insta)
Gypsy has come under fire for her latest request. (Instagram/@gypsy.rose.blanchard.insta)

You'd think that your second-degree role in the murder of your own mother would get you 'cancelled' in today's society - or at least leave you struggling slightly to find future work - but for 32-year-old Gypsy, her criminal history has proven to be quite the PR move.

As such, she's featured in countless television shows, given several high-profile interviews, and has even found herself cosying up to some of the biggest names in entertainment - including Kim Kardashian and Sabrina Carpenter.

Whether it's her shock divorce from hubby Ryan Anderson, unexpected rekindling with ex-fiance Ken Urker, or delightful baby news - she knows how to attract a crowd.

As we say, however, this week, she's found herself in hot water with even the most devout of her colossal following, after releasing an online baby registry list, allowing those who want to, the opportunity to purchase her a gift.

I know, it's a rather cheeky request, but just wait until you hear the sorts of products listed...

Despite a staggering net worth of $3 million, the media personality has put in a formal request for the likes of a $600 Chicco Modular Travel System - which includes a stroller and car seat - as well as a Sorelle's Princeton Elite Panel Crib and Changer, which racks up to an unbelievable $529.

The mind-blowing online registry also listed expensive versions of several parenting necessities, including a $320 monitor, a $270 baby swing, a $250 rocking chair, and a $215 nappy bag.

As such, hundreds of Gypsy's followers have slammed the star today for her brazen request, being that her pockets are barely empty at the moment...

Sharing a screen-recording of the shopping list, one hit out on social media: "this is everything that people bought her that was over $100. How dumb can people be and how insane that Gypsy posted this AT ALL. Dede 2.0 - Also how many damn strollers does she need!?"

The couple rekindled back in April. (Instagram/@gypsyroseblanchard.insta)
The couple rekindled back in April. (Instagram/@gypsyroseblanchard.insta)

Another went on: "why are people buying out Gypsy Rose’s baby registry in 30 minutes? i could think of a million things that money could be used for other than that. She’s a millionaire. Why throw your money away?"

"gypsy rose posting her baby registry and it being fully purchased in 30 min while she has 6 documentaries, a book, and a tv show yet so many pregnant moms can’t even get a few items for their new babies is so f*****d up," a third continued.

The mum-to-be shared the exciting news that she and boyfriend Ken are expecting in a video titled "I'm Pregnant, My Journey So Far" posted on her YouTube channel on Tuesday 9 July.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@gypsy.rose.blanchard.insta

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