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Viral video of Miley Cyrus and bodyguard at the Grammys sparks debate after fans spot small detail

Viral video of Miley Cyrus and bodyguard at the Grammys sparks debate after fans spot small detail

The country-pop singer appeared on the red carpet of the 2024 GRAMMYs last night

Last night marked a huge achievement for Miley Cyrus, after the country-pop singer walked away with her first ever GRAMMY.

The 31-year-old hitmaker and Hannah Montana star beat the likes of Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo and SZA to the 'Record of the Year' accolade for her hit 'revenge' track 'Flowers', which was rumoured at the time to take aim at ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

For the same chart-topping song - which she later performed before the colossal big-name crowd - she was awarded the Best Pop Solo Performance.

And it wasn't just her double-whammy wins - or controversial acceptance speech, which pointedly neglected her father Billy Ray Cyrus - that set tongues wagging last night, after millions of viewers at home heaped praise onto the star for her stellar outfit choice.

Donning a barely-there golden beaded and tasseled gown - made entirely of safety pins - on the red carpet, designed exclusively for her by John Galliano for Maison Margiela.

She paired the dress with a voluminous, 1980s-esque down-do and some equally sparkling platform heels, fans described Miley's look as her 'best yet'.

The star wore a gorgeous gown constructed from safety pins.
Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

"The attitude, the personality, the dress, the vocals and the outdo MILEY CYRUS IS A STAR", one viewer gushed.

Another went on: "Miley Cyrus rocking the 80s gym teacher hair with the Princess Leia".

"@MileyCyrus is on another level tonight. The confidence. The hair. The dress. The body!!!! The dance moves!!!!!" a third added.

As well as her plush GRAMMYs attire, however, eagle-eyed viewers of the show had something to say about another addition she had alongside her on the night.

A video of the star walking the red carpet alongside her bodyguard has been getting a lot of attention online, after fans spotted something odd he was holding in hand.

The man in question is seen walking alongside the 'The Climb' chart-topper with a large umbrella held in his hand closest to the singer, with his index finger flat on top of it.

Viewers are questioning the bodyguard's umbrella.

But viewers don't believe that everything is as it seems, with some Twitter users speculating that the rain-preventer is actually his means of concealing a 'firearm' or 'assault umbrella'.

Another even speculates that his ‘left arm is longer than right arm’ and it’s a ‘gimmick’.

"Real weapon concealed by the black coat. Oldest trick in bodyguard book," they go on.

"Bullet proof shield or concealed firearm," another guessed.

Others, however, were careful not to get ahead of themselves, believing the umbrella to be, just that.

"It has been raining in that area I believe so an umbrella shouldn’t be all that surprising," one wrote.

Another pointed out: "They were expecting lots of rain in California. Crazy to have an umbrella."

LADbible Group has reached out to reps' of Miley Cyrus for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@grammys

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