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Ferne McCann addresses backlash to newborn daughter's name Finty

Ferne McCann addresses backlash to newborn daughter's name Finty

Ferne McCann took to Instagram to explain to fans why she chose Finty as her baby's name.

As far as names go, not everyone likes to choose the ‘bog standard’ but be prepared for some negative Nellies to be in your comments if you’re a famous TV personality.

Just like what former The Only Way is Essex star, Ferne McCann, found out when she decided to choose something other than a traditional name for her newborn daughter.

McCann announced back in March that she was expecting a child with fiancé Lorri Haines in an Instagram post showing their OK! Exclusive photoshoot.

And she had been keeping fans up-to-date with how her pregnancy was going, and on 9 July, she announced the arrival of her baby girl by sharing a black-and-white video to her 3 million followers.

Ferne McCann has addressed the criticism surrounding her daughter's name.

She then announced that her daughter’s name was Finty Francis Haines-McCann.

And people made their disapproval clear in the comments, with some responding with remarks such as, 'she cannot be serious with that name', and 'poor kid been called that?'.

During her OK! Exclusive interview, Ferne had previously explained how she came up with the name.

She told the publication: "It was on my name list when I gave birth to Sunday.

"I don’t know where I got it from, but when I typed it in [on Google] I saw Judi Dench’s daughter’s nickname is Finty. I’ve always loved it and never heard it anywhere else before."

The mother-of-two added: "I just feel so connected to the name – she came out and she was just Finty. I think she sounds like a character out of Bridgerton."

But although her first name was something unique, Ferne shared how the middle name was very special to her, explaining: "Francis is my grandad’s name – it’s a nod to Grandad Frank."

But recently, the model took to social media to address the criticism.

McCann took to Instagram to talk about her daughter's name.

Speaking on Instagram, she said that she couldn't have chosen a 'bog-standard' name and knew that it would divide opinion.

"The name, I knew it was going to split some hairs, but I just think if you go for a popular name, an unusual name, whatever name you go for, there is always going to be a few people that won't like it. That's the way it is." she said.

Going into detail about why the name was the right choice, she added: "We all grow into our names, and she's such a little Finty. Let's face it, I couldn't have gone for a bog-standard name because it had to go with Sunday.”

"Like I named my daughter after a day of the week – the best day,” she said.

“Wednesday could have been a vibe.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/fernemccann

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