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Danielle Lloyd opens up on diagnosis that left her unable to carry more children

Danielle Lloyd opens up on diagnosis that left her unable to carry more children

The former Miss England model is currently a mum to five children

Former Miss England model Danielle Lloyd has opened up about the diagnosis that left her unable to carry more children.

Lloyd, 39, is a mum to five children aged between one and 13, but she learned she would struggle to carry any more pregnancies following a series of revelations about her health.

The model had previously been diagnosed with endometriosis, but she underwent a biopsy after she began to experience unexplained bleeding.

Danielle Lloyd is a mum-of-five.

The heavy bleeding continued for more than three weeks, along with large blood clots.

Lloyd called 111 and went to hospital, where doctors found ovarian cysts. When they asked if anyone in her family had been diagnosed with cancer before, Lloyd began to panic.

She had to wait six weeks for the results of the biopsy, during which time Lloyd tried to act as normal as possible for her five children.

Thankfully, she was eventually given the all-clear from cancer.

Speaking to Closer, Lloyd said: "I was convinced I was going to die and was crying all the time. So when the doctor told me I was all clear, I felt this huge relief wash over me."

Doctors still had a diagnosis for Lloyd, though.

Danielle admitted she thought she was 'going to die' during her ordeal.

The star learned she had adenomyosis, a gynecologic condition which causes endometrial tissue in the lining of the uterus to grow into the muscular wall of the uterus.

According to the NHS, adenomyosis is more commonly diagnosed in women over the age of 30, though it can affect anyone who has periods.

As well as anenomyosis, Lloyd was diagnosed with endometrioma, which are cystic lesions that stem from the disease process of endometriosis.

The diagnoses meant that Lloyd would struggle to carry any more children, with doctors telling her that while she could be able to get pregnant again, it would be high risk.

Following the diagnosis, Lloyd is set to undergo surgery designed to destroy the lining of her womb, as well as remove the cysts that have formed.

After learning that any future pregnancies would be high risk, Lloyd has chosen to be sterilised during the surgery, meaning she will not be able to get pregnant in the future.

Though the mum-of-five would have liked their children to have another sibling, she's grateful for the family she already has.

Lloyd shares her sons Archie, 13, Harry, 12, and George, 10, with a previous partner, and her youngest children, Ronnie, five and Autumn, one, with her husband, Michael O'Neill.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ @missdlloyd

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